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Puffy and Drooping Eyelids After Botox

I have severe puffy and drooping eyelids after Botox. What can be done? Botox eye droop. I also have severe puffiness in eyelids. I was injected in... READ MORE

Puffy Eye After Botox Lasts for How Long?

Hi, I am a first time botox user from Ireland. I had some injected for frown and horizontal forehead lines. I am happy with the smoothing effect... READ MORE

My Botox Has Gone Wrong- Eyes Are Puffy With Hooded Lids. What to Do?

I had botox 4 days ago and i look terrible.I have been getting botox on and off for about 6 years now and i never had any trouble until now. I went to... READ MORE

Puffy Eyes and Wrinkles After Botox Under Eyes

I recently had Botox injected on the sides of my nose, which caused SERIOUS wrinkling under my eyes when I smiled. I looked 20 years older. I went... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Puffiness and Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

I received botox for the first time and am a 33 year old Asian. I had a total of 16 units (4 in my procerus, 3 each in my corrugators, 2 units in my... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Eyelid Puffiness?

I had Botox done to reduce my "stress wrinkle" between my eyebrows and my forehead lines about two weeks ago. The results for me were far... READ MORE

Puffy Upper Eyelids After Botox?

I had Botox around my eyes 10 days ago, and I like the results. However, since then, I wake up to very puffy upper eyelids, regardless of my salt... READ MORE

How long will the side effects of Botox take to go away?

I've had a very small dose of botox done 5 days ago and about 7hrs later had a servere pressure feeling in my head and it hasn't gone.  I'm... READ MORE

Droopy Eyebrows and Puffiness After Botox

I was injected with Botox 4 days ago and noticed puffiness and slight drooping 2 days later. Now, it becomes worse and worse each day. My upperlids... READ MORE

Can Botox Under the Eyes (In the Eyelid Area) Cause Permanent Puffiness / Eye Bags?

I had botox injected into my lower eyelids in an effort to remove some of my under eye wrinkles. About a week, after the injections, I woke up with... READ MORE

Swollen, Puffy, Eyes from Botox - Permanent Damange over 3 Months Later. Any Suggestions? (photo)

I had botox injections 13 weeks ago @ a botox recommended provider. Within a few days, I had puffy, swollen eyes and deep bags that were never there... READ MORE

I had Botox under my eyes 2 weeks ago. I have raised lines under my eyes and they appear very puffy. (photo)

My crows feet appear more pronounced and have deepening of lines and new lines under my eyes and into outer corner of upper lid - please help - is... READ MORE

I had Botox and fillers done 4 days ago and my eyes look sunken and small. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had fillers and Botox done 4 days ago. I'm concerned about the puffyness around the eyes, my eyes look sunken and small. I look like a monkey :( READ MORE

I Had Botox Under my Eyes Two and a Half Weeks Ago. Puffy in the Morning and Left With Dark Circles?

After the treatment I had ruining and now it looks like dark circles under my eyes. In the mornings they are all puffy. How long will this... READ MORE

Puffy eyes after Botox treatment. (photo)

I hat Botox treatment 14 days ago on my forehead and the sides of my eyes. 4 days for ago, my eyes became so puffy I have no idea what to do with that... READ MORE

What can I do to resolve puffy face and heavy eye lids after Botox?

I've had Botox a couple times a year for the past five years without any problems. However, last week, I went to a new injector (not a physician), and... READ MORE

I have puffy bag under eyes after removing filler with Hyaluronidase. Will this resolve itself in time? (photo)

Two weeks ago I had hialluron filler injected in hollows, but result was terrifying. In one eye filler was injected too high and created a puffy... READ MORE

Under my eyes have swollen and gone puffy, 11 days after Botox. Will this go away?

11 days ago I got Botox but one of my eyes is really swollen just under my eye is this normal will it go away? READ MORE

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