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Botox and Potential Dangers of Platysmal Band Injections?

I'm a 45 year old woman considering botox for platysmal bands but very concerned about swallowing/breathing difficulties reported. However... READ MORE

Botox on Platysma Bands Usually Successful in Younger Patients?

I know Botox results are injector dependent. That being said, is the off-label use of Botox to platysma bands a bad idea, no matter what, or is... READ MORE

Is Botox the only non surgical procedure for platysma bands? (photo)

Would any other injectable work as well with less risks of side effects READ MORE

What happened to my chin? Botox gone bad! (photos)

I recently had Botox in my chin and platysma bands and now I have the strangest shaped chin! It was very average before, the doctor said it would help... READ MORE

How do I treat Platysmal Bands when I'm too young for a neck lift and don't want to keep shelling out money for Botox? (Photo)

I'm only 31 and have relatively really nice facial skin but my Platysmal Bands make my neck look 71 not 31. I think they are pretty extreme for my age... READ MORE

Follow up question regarding full-face botox & "bullfrog" effect under chin (photo)

I believe my recent full-face Botox, which included around my jawline, chin & platysma bands, affected the muscles under the chin/jaw area in a way... READ MORE

Is the effect of Botox in the platysma muscles cumulative?

I am not sure if "cumulative" is necessarily the correct word. I would like to know if the repeated use of botox in the platysma muscles leads... READ MORE

Is Botox safe/effective to eliminate platysmal bands on a healthy & thin 32 year old in the hands of a competent doctor? (Photo)

I am 32 years old and for the last 4 years have noticed this unsightly platysmal band on my neck whenever I smile, laugh, eat, caugh, speak, etc. it... READ MORE

Botox made vertical platysmal bands worse. Will it resolve? (photo)

I had 2 small vertical platysmal bands underneath my chin. Botox was injected by my cosmetic dermatologist -days after the bands became exaggerated.... READ MORE

Why did Botox not work on my platysmal muscle spasm? (photos)

I got a chin implant and neck liposuction 7 weeks ago. Three weeks after my surgery I started noticing this vertical band appear on my neck. I went... READ MORE

Getting Botox for plastysmal band for the first time today. I'm very worried. Should I worry about breathing/swallowing? (Photo)

I am only 33 years old and already have a huge platysmal band on the front/side of my neck that shows when I smile, swallow, talk, etc. it is very... READ MORE

Platysmal Botox and Ultherapy?

Doctors can u please tell me if having swallowing difficulty after platysmal band injection, and then having ultherapy on the neck can make the botox... READ MORE

Nefertiti necklift. Will botox in platysmal bands affect yoga practice?

I am considering botox for visible platysmal bands on the neck, but am wondering if this will affect my ashtanga yoga practice. It may be an unusual... READ MORE

Platysma band or loose skin? Was my Botox injected correctly? (photos)

What can I do about this line of skin under my chin? Is it a platysma band? I had Botox (4 units) and didn't see any improvement. Does the Botox need... READ MORE

Botox and Ultherapy for platysmal banding. Does Ultherapy move the Botox deeper into the muscle?

Had botox for platysmal bands on neck followed by ultherapy. I have a terrible time swallowing on the right side of my neck. How long will this last.... READ MORE

Will injecting botox on platysmal muscles only on jaw lines and not injecting on neck still help making my face slimmer?(photos)

I have removed buccal fat pads and had botox on dao muscles but i still got something thick under my skin on lower cheek area next to my masseter... READ MORE

Should I relax platysma muscle to reduce effects of botox issues from an injection on sides of lip and one side of chin? (photo)

I had botox on the side of my lips and on one side of my chin to get rid of frown lines and dimples on chin. My smile is now crooked on the side the... READ MORE

Should I seek retreatment or compensation after bad injection in the DAO muscle?

It affects my smile and my platysmal bands, the doc was hostile but treated the bands a bit. My glabelar lines still show and he said it needed filler... READ MORE

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