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Risk of Botox Migration in Face

I recently had upper eyelid surgery that included the use of Botox in my forehead. At the same time I had Radiesse injected in nasal folds. Five days... READ MORE

Can Botox That is Injected Between Eyebrows Go into Sinuses and Drain Down Throat ?

Can Botox That is Injected Between Eyebrows Go into Sinuses and Drain Down Throat ? READ MORE

Will Botox Migrate?

I had botox for my frown line, crow feet and a small amount under lower eyelids midline at 9:00am. At 7:30pm (10 and 1/2 hours after treatment) not... READ MORE

Can Strenuous Excercise (Inversions) Cause Botox Migration?

I sent in a question about botox around my eyes and the droop in my mouth recently. I think I figured out what went wrong but wanted to double check... READ MORE

When Injecting Botox for Forehead Wrinkles, What Are the Chances of the Botox Travelling to the Lungs?

I have quite severe asthma in the sense that it is quite impredictible (even though my PEF is excellent), and it sometimes worsens very quickly. I am... READ MORE

Botox Migration if Too Much Was Injected?

Does Botox migrate into the muscle that raises the eyelid because too much Botox was injected? READ MORE

Can Botox Move After 3 Months?

I had injections over 3 months ago, for the first time, in my forehead. All was fine. However, the last few weeks I have seen the effects start to... READ MORE

Hit my forehead with the visor of my car. I'm worried it might have caused trauma to my Botox and caused it to migrate?

I received Botox on the top part of my forehead and in my 11's. 4 hours later I hit it. What are the chances!?Thankfully it wasn't worse like a car... READ MORE

Botox for mentalis strain and its adverse effect (Photo)

Because I have slightly protruded teeth, weak lips and a smallish chin, I experience MS when I bring my lips together. My dermatologist suggested just... READ MORE

Botox Migration? I Now Have Troughs from the Inner Corners of Eyes Running Diagonally Across Cheek? (photo)

This is only when i smile, but it makes me look much older... i had this happen mildly the only time i had my crows feet injected, so i never did that... READ MORE

Can Botox, even in small amounts, migrate? Are Botox and fillers safe for people with autoimmune disorders?

A nationally known Dermatologist did Botox injections in my lips. Five hours later, my GI Dr. told me I had an irregular heartbeat. Ten days later, I... READ MORE

Yesterday I bent over while dancing and dabbed forehead, did I mess up my Botox? (photo)

Yesterday I got 22 units of Botox in my glabella. I was told the only restriction was to avoid laying down for 4 hours. About 6 hours after my... READ MORE

Is it normal that doctor pressed down really hard on injection sites pretty hard after Botox (crow's feet and glabellar region)?

The doctor who injected me with botox pressed down really hard on my injection sites (crow's feet, glabellar region, upper forehead) immediately after... READ MORE

Double Vision Caused by Botox Migration?

A week and a half ago i woke up with double vision in my right eye when i look down. I've seen an eye specialist and ive had an MRI, eyes are healthy... READ MORE

Can pressure from a snorkel mask on my forehead cause any migration problems after botox injection 4 or 5 days ago?

I had botox in forehead 5 days ago, today I am snorkeling/diving with a mask. Can the mask pressure cause any botox migration issues to my eyes ? My... READ MORE

Did botox migrate?

I had botox injected into my crows feet/ around lower orbital rim. 2 days later, I can't smile all the way. Did the injector hit zygomaticus... READ MORE

I had Botox injected into my frown lines today and am concerned about it migrating. Should I be worried?

I was never told about any aftercare by my nurse practitioner and about 2 hours after the injections I laid face down for 30 minutes for an... READ MORE

Regarding botox: What area needs to be injected to mitigate both vertical frown lines as well as horizontal eyebrow lines?

I will be trying botox for the first time and am nervous. I have both vertical frown lines & horizontal lines above both eyebrows. I was told by a... READ MORE

Can a facial 6 hours post-Botox cause migration?

Hello doctors. I received Botox in my forehead, between my eyebrows, and around my eyes yesterday. Without thinking, I received a facial about 6 hours... READ MORE

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