Lower Eyelids + Botox

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Botox for Crows Feet Cause Droopy Lower Eyelid?

I've been thinking of having Botox for my crow's feet, but my doctor told me not to do it. He would not give me the injections. He said it was not... READ MORE

Sagging Lower Eyelids After Botox

Can injecting around the upper cheek area under the outer edges of the eye cause muscle weekness affecting lower eyelid sag. I was showing the signs... READ MORE

Restylane Injection Hit Blood Vessel in Eye Lid. I Wonder if I Should Look for Another PS?

An experienced PS injected Restylane in my lower lids, and hit a blood vessel. I COMPLETELY understand that this happens to the best of them, but I... READ MORE

Will Botox Make Droopy Lower Eyelid Worse?

I am 35 years old and was born with a droopy lower eyelid and my eye also is out of position turning very slightly upwards, this has affected my self... READ MORE

Lower Lid Won't Raise when Smiling After Botox for Eye Twitch

I got 2 units of botox injected right under the lower lash line in the middle of my lower left eyelid for an undereye twitch that just wouldn't go... READ MORE

Delayed Swelling After Botox on Undereye Area?

I was injected a month ago directly beneath both eyes with Botox. The swelling referred to my other people on this site seems to have resulted from... READ MORE

Botox for Lower Eyelid Loose Skin?

I am 33 years old, and I've always had a little loose skin in my lower eyelid. It has gotten worse recently, and I have seen a specialist about a... READ MORE

Botox Has Cause My Lower Eyelids to Sag, Will this Go Away Eventually?

I was injected with botox on Sept 6 with 20 units around my crowsfeet & 4 of them were near the underneath of my outer eyes. Then I went back... READ MORE

I got Botox injected in my lower eyelids near the corners of my eyes. I now have puffy wrinkly bags? (Photo)

I got botox injected in my lower eyelids near the corner of my eyes? I was told by another doctor that botox should never be put here but this doctor... READ MORE

Botox 1 Week Ago. How Long Does it Take to Heal?

Hello there, I recently had botox, about a week ago. 1 unit in lower eyelid, 2 units on crow's feet. (1 unit each spot) I feel slightly swollen, when... READ MORE

Mortified! Have I Created Permanent Lower Lid Creases Due to 3 Years of Inappropriate Botox Injections? Fearful of Lower Bleph.

Resolution for dynamic lower lid bunching? Had Botox, 3x year, 3 years. Initially, did forehead, furrows & crowsfeet. After a few treatments,... READ MORE

What are the appropriate injection sites for botox?

I have had botox for about a year now, my doctor relocated. so I tried another plastic surgeon, for my crows feet , he injected around the outside of... READ MORE

Loss fat under eyes by Botox and Machine. Will fat under eyes reproduce by my age? Is fat atrophy? How can I fix it? (photos)

I'm 28 yrs old suffer from wrong botox injection for 4 mths. Doctor injected for me in wrong area under eyes -corner of under eyes near the nose next... READ MORE

I had botox in crows feet area and a few days later my lower lid is drooping. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I did not have botox under eye area just forehead and crows feet. Are there any solutions other than waiting for the botox to wear off? I also had... READ MORE

Botox lower eyelids - I'm feeling dizzy and light headed.

I got botox in the corners of my lower eyelids and crows feet. I'm feeling very dizzy and light headed. I went to my doctor and she said the botox may... READ MORE

How many days after you receive Botox, will it finally stabilize? I am terrified that my lower lids will begin to droop?

I received 40 units of botox in my forehead and around my eyes 18 days ago. The same day i received voluma injections for my cheekbones and lips. My... READ MORE

I want to reduce wrinkles and puffiness around the eye and lower eyelid. Should I do Botox or fillers?

Doctor suggested 15 units of Botox on my lower eye lid and side of eye and 1 filler. He said my skin was very sensitive does this play a factor On the... READ MORE

Did Botox cause my occasional under eye puffiness?

I had Botox injected to treat my crows feet in August and everything was fine till October. For 4 months now my lower eyelids now get really puffy... READ MORE

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