Dry Eyes + Botox

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Dry, Gritty Eyes After Botox

I had Botox nearly a week ago.I had my forehead and corner of eyes done and I have noticed that my eyes feel dry and gritty. Is this common? and how... READ MORE

Botox - Cause Dry Eye Syndrome? Optic Nerve Damage? Macular Degeneration? (photo)

I have had botox injuctions all over my forehead, and between my eyebrows once a year for five years. I now have dry eye syndrome, macular... READ MORE

Dry Eyes and Headaches After Botox?

I'm considering having Botox done on my crow's feet, and three deep lines that I have on my forehead (due to an ache treatment), which are present... READ MORE

Botox can, and for some does, cause dry, bloodshot eyes. The FDA agrees. Doctors please don't delete this; don't be defensive.

I've seen a few posts regarding this topic; all summarily dismissed with some irresponsible answers. From: In 20 years I've never seen it To: The... READ MORE

A Small Amount of Botox Dripped in my Eye During an Injection, Is My Eye Going To Be Okay?

I have been experiencing very dry and itiching eyes since this has happened. My eye just feels different since trhis occured. I have been receiving... READ MORE

Severe problems after Botulin Toxin for frown lines and Crows Feet. Will I fully recover from this?

Dear Doctors, I'm 8 weeks post treatment. Severe problems after Botulin Toxin for frown lines and Crows Feet. Undereye bags, dry eyes, eye pain,cheeck... READ MORE

Botox for Frown Lines - Dry Eyes?

I had Botox for my frown (glabellar) lines about a month ago and have been experiencing dry and gritty eyes on and off now. Is this related to the... READ MORE

Safety of Naphcon A. I Got Severely Dry/red Eyes from Them After Botox?

I had Botox done 8 days ago. 3rd day: eye puffiness/droop. I got Naphcon A drops & after 3 days of using it, eyes became red/dry. Dryness carried... READ MORE

Will eye discomfort and eye strain from Botox ever go away?

Dear doctors, I am 3 weeks post botox and I suffer from dry eyes, pressure around my eyes and eye strain and discomfort. I had 16 units injected for... READ MORE

Will I go back to normal after Botox causes eye bags and eye discomfort?

Dear doctors, I am 2.5 months post botox around the eyes and I have been suffering from eye bags ever since the botox. The inner corners of my eyes... READ MORE

I had botox for mild hemifacial spasm. Can this cause upper eyelid drooping and dry eyes (photos)

Never had bells palsy. Had MRI with and without contrast with no difinative cause. Just went to a new neurologist and he injected botox into the lower... READ MORE

Intense burning sensation in both eyes after Botox. Eyelids feel stretched. Can it lead to eye(lid) problems?

Botox for first time on December 3rd 2013 on my forehead, glabella, crow's feet, total of 35 units. Same night head-, neck aches, burning sensation in... READ MORE

I have dry eyes and my lower eyelid drooping after Botox. Is this normal?

I had Botox on my forehead, my 11's, crows feet. My doctor then placed 1/2 unit under my eye and 1/2 unit near the inner crn of my eye. It's day 3 ,I... READ MORE

Dry Eye Medication with Botox?

Dear Dr. I was wondering if having botox done on my eyebrow while getting treatment for my dry eye would be a problem Such as Steroidal drops or any... READ MORE

I've been having Botox for more than 12 years. I'm having trouble w/ my dry eyes & light sensitive. Did I have too much Botox?

Been having botox for more than 12 years. i'm having trouble with my eyes being so dry and light sensitive that sometimes i can't open them.... READ MORE

What do you do when you are injured by Botox?

I had Botox in 2013. All of the muscles in my face went flat within about 2 weeks. I had a numb tingly feeling across my face.. I developed dizziness,... READ MORE

Does dry eyes from botox resolve?

I had botox 4 months ago and ever since, I suffer from dry gritty eyes and was diagnosed with conjunctivitis due to the botox. Can I check does dry... READ MORE

Is 16 units of botox too much for the eyes area for someone with no wrinkles?

Dear doctors, I am 29 and I had botox injected around my eyes 3 months ago. I have no wrinkles but only some small lines when I smile & is only... READ MORE

Botox and flaxseed oil?

I am taking flaxseed oil regularly because I have dry eyes, can I continue to take it after having Botox for frown lines? Is there a contraindication? READ MORE

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