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Will a Red Light Collagen Therapy Bed Reduce the Effectiveness of Botox?

I have recently had botox, and it has worked a treat on my forehead. I have just read about red light collagen therapy beds, and the positive effects... READ MORE

Side Effects from Botox for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Does Botox cause thinning of the skin or a reduction in collagen over time? I am considering it for under eye wrinkles. READ MORE

What's the Newest Botox Alternative for Wrinkles?

Recently, I watched a news clip about a new injection for facial wrinkles. It is different than Botox. It doesn't paralyze, but instead fills the... READ MORE

Can fillers (botox, sculptra, Restylane) or even Collagen injections help saggy skin above knees?

Can saggy skin above knees be treated with fillers (botox, Restylne, Juvaderm...Collagen..)? Hi, I am thin, athletic, 51 years. I have saggy skin... READ MORE

What would your advice be if I walked to your office? Botox? (photos)

I have this horrible lines on my neck (deep ones) and I am so young I shouldnt have to be worrying about it... I think its genetics so... there is... READ MORE

Botox to prevent future wrinkles? (photos)

Does it? does it promote production of elastin/collagen or does it ONLY treat wrinkles that are already there? mid 20s asian, i have one fine line... READ MORE

Can Botox or a bad injector cause collagen loss and indentations in forehead? (Photo)

In February 2015 I had my first Botox injection because of the 11 lines. Days later my eyes swelled and a raised red bump remained at one of the... READ MORE

What can I do to build up the collagen under my eyes without injections? (photos)

I do not want injections under my eyes. I do use Botox for my crows feet and will continue. READ MORE

Botox completely worn off following Collagen PIN microneedling?

I recently had microneedling with the Collagen PIN about 3 weeks after receiving botox and I feel that my botox has completely worn off? I was told... READ MORE

Is it better to wait for Botox (or any filler) longer after Ulthera than a few weeks?

If Ulthera is uplifting and boosting collagen production, wouldn't it be better to wait until the effect is in full bloom before I do fillers or Botox? READ MORE

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