Chewing + Botox

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One of my masseter muscles are bigger than the other?

One of my masseter muscles is larger than the other, is there any way of increasing the size of the smaller muscle? I believe the asymmetry is due to... READ MORE

Hard to Chew After Botox in Neck and Jaw - Is This Normal?

My doctor injected botox in my neck and shoulders because I have had tension there for years and also in my jaw because I clench my teeth a lot. Now... READ MORE

Botox for Jaw line. Will I be able to eat food regularly? It is hard to chew for 2-3 days?

I'm sorry asking weird question, when I get a Botox for Jaw line, can I eat a food regularly? Is it hard to chewing food 2 - 3days? READ MORE

Bulge on my Jaw when Chewing After Botox. Is That Normal? (photo)

I got botox to slim down my jawline 3 days ago. When I clench or chew now I get these egg like bulges on both sites. Is that normal? I feel quite... READ MORE

Can I do HIFU (ulthera) after Botox?

Can I do HIFU (ulthera) after Botox? Botox will be on chewing muscle? Or I need to wait at least 3 months after Botox injection? READ MORE

Botox for Neck Wrinkles and Masseter. Complaints of Difficulty in Talking and Chewing?

My aunt was given Botox for her Massetor and neck wrinkles. Week after she complains of difficulty in chewing and swallowing food on left side and... READ MORE

Botox worry - I am unable to chew or smile at all. What can be done to get this corrected?

Hi, I had botox done last month for Masseter muscle , 100 units on each side for jaw slimming. I am unable to chew and smile at all. The corners of my... READ MORE

After jaw Botox, will the result get ruined if I use my jaw muscles right away and chew hard food like carrots?

Does the muscles have to relax the first days? im curious since i heard one cant exercise after botox since the area has to heal READ MORE

Will eating after Botox on masseter decrease the effect and can you do another injection in 3 weeks?

I had Botox jaw reduction 10 days ago. Unlike what my friends with past experience said, my doctor said that chewing wouldn't affect the effect. So I... READ MORE

Will massaging fix my smile after Botox?

Hi. I have problem in chawing and crooked smile after botox ,now its 44 days . does massage fix it READ MORE

Headaches and sore jaw after botox.

Less than 48 hours ago I had Botox on my forehead and between my eyes. Immediately I noticed that my head hurts. didn't think too much of it but it... READ MORE

How would I know if/when I need more Botox in my masseters?

I got 20 then 10 units each side and I can already see the slimming effect on my face, but I can feel no difference in my bite strength. My question... READ MORE

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