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Angry-looking and Swollen After Botox

I'm very sad because of botox. i look like i'm angry and all swollen and not look nice...even worse i had botox in eyes - crow and forehead. why this... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Rid of the Angry Look That People Have Told Me I Have All my Life? I Am 47 and Am Really Tired of It.

Ever since I can remember, back as far as grade school, people are always saying to me, "What's wrong" and when I ask why, they say, "Oh, you look so... READ MORE

How can I reduce my "angry" look? (photo)

I am wondering what type of procedures would be needed to remove my "angry face". I am often told I look angry or very serious and it makes me self... READ MORE

I want to stop furrowing my brows when I squint. Is Botox good for this?

I am 24, and my brow tends to be furrowed and angry-looking. I furrow it even more when I think. People have told me it is distracting and will ruin... READ MORE

Angry looks after Botox a week ago on forehead and near my eyebrows. Is this normal? (photos)

The angry looks got worse day by day. I now have this constantly staring look, too. People can not tell if I am trying to smile to them. Feel I have... READ MORE

Can Botox or Dysport help with "depressed" face?

I suffered from depression for years and now I have BDD, because my face looks angry as a result of frustration all the time and I'm being told about... READ MORE

Botox - When will my brows lift again?

I had an unfortunate experience in that I had Botox injected in my forehead, and it fell. I asked the woman three times if she was sure my brows... READ MORE

Forehead Fillers and Botox for deep vertical line. (photos)

I'm 22 and I already have a very deep entrenched vertical line in the center of my forehead. it makes me look very angry and older than I am. I would... READ MORE

Should I get a Brow Lift, Botox or both?

I was born with naturally low brows, and when my face is relaxed I apparently look really angry. Also any facial expression at all makes my forehead... READ MORE

It is possible to lift a droopy eyelid without lifting the brow with Botox? (photos)

My eyelid is dropping and I would like to lift it whitout surgery. Would it be possible with Botox? I don't want to lift my brow because they are... READ MORE

I've had botox in my forehead and frown lines but now I look angry. What can I do?

I had botox in my forehead and frowns lines but now my eyebrows don't move. Prior to botox i moved my eyebrows up and down a lot and was very... READ MORE

Is a Botox brow lift able to raise the whole brow?

I CONSTANTLY find myself raising my brows naturally and have done so ever since I was a young teen. I have gotten so used to my appearance with me... READ MORE

Will my eyebrows ever go back to normal?

I had botox on my forehead 4 months ago its mostly wore off but when I lift my eyebrows the inside of my eyebrows are still very droopy the middle of... READ MORE

After Botox, I have puffy lids/angry look. Any suggestions?

I have had botox for the first time and i was told my brow was heavy. i was very unhappy becuase it actually made me look mad. i went back and she... READ MORE

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