6 Weeks Post-op + Botox

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Need More Botox In Forehead After 6 Weeks, Shouldn't It Last Longer?

I am noticing some movement back in my forehead after my first round of Botox 6 weeks ago. I was expecting a time range of more like 6 months! Should... READ MORE

I Received Botox the Morning Prior to Conception. What Are the Risks?

I received botox (eyes/forehead) the morning prior to conception. I am now 6 weeks pregnant. What are the risks to my baby? READ MORE

Does It Take Months for Botox to Correct the Brow Furrow?

I received my first treatment of Botox 6 weeks ago. The doctor said that I only needed 16 units as my brow furrow wasn't that bad. After 2 weeks I... READ MORE

Had Botox Now Have Little Pimples All over my Forehead and Between my Brows?

Finally broke down and had Botox. Two weeks later little pimples ALL over my forehead. Even my husband said what's up. Never had an acne issue as... READ MORE

Botox Only Lasted 6 Weeks

I got Botox injection 6wks ago-25units then a week later got 15 more in glabellar only. Botox seems to have 'worn off' & Dr suggests getting more.... READ MORE

Does Botox Cause All over Body Weakness?

I've had botox 6 weeks ago in my jaw for tmj. 3 weeks following the injection I steaarted experiencing weak feelings in my muscles all over my body.... READ MORE

Botox 6 Weeks Ago for Frown Lines and Creases Stay For 1 Hour. How Long Does it Take For it to Wear Off?

I had Botox 6 weeks ago. I just had it for my frown lines. If I sleep on my left hand side I get a sleep crease above my left eyebrow and takes about... READ MORE

Can You Feel A Tingling Sensation In The Treated Area As Botox Injections Wear Off?

Approximately 6 weeks ago, I had my very first Botox injections between my eyebrows. This week, I've been getting an odd tingling sensation in the... READ MORE

Involuntary Brow Contraction?

33year old. First botox 7 weeks ago. 11 units in the typical v pattern in glabella region. 1 week ago muscle over my right brow began to involuntarily... READ MORE

Swelling in lower face 6 weeks after masseter Botox injection? (Chipmunk cheeks, lost jaw definition) (Photo)

I received intra-masseter Botox injections 6 weeks ago for TMJ. Initially, the swelling around my masseter/lower face vanished, but I recently noticed... READ MORE

Why do BAD Botox results (cheeks ptosis, eye bags and hollows) last so long? There are stories here women waiting 6 mo to years.

This is making me nervous as I'm 1.5 months dealing with these issues ( cheek droop, eye hollows and under eye bags) and these stories are making me... READ MORE

Do Botox Results Change In Cold Weather?

I'm a 33 year old guy who had Botox for the first time 6 weeks ago on my forehead and glabellar lines, 2 weeks ago i also had filler in the... READ MORE

Wrinkles after botox crows feet. What went wrong? (Photo)

After treated with botox (crow feet & frown) I began to get (more) wrinkles under my eyes. What went wrong? It's been 6 weeks now (see before & after... READ MORE

Is it the worse it can be after receiving touch up botox in messeter/ cheek? is the botox effect at its peak now? (photo)

I've received botox touch up (12 units per side) 6 weeks ago but the result was bad. I believe the doctor was injected area above jaw instead of jaw... READ MORE

I had botox six weeks ago for my dimple chin and gummy smile. Now my chin pad feels funny and swollen at times. (Photo)

Hello I had about 6 weeks ago 14 units each side in my chin, just next to the "mental crease" I have above the mentalis muscle. Anyhow all is and was... READ MORE

After 6 weeks of getting injected with Botox I feel cramps in my forehead muscles. Is this normal?

Is it common that after 6 weeks of getting injected with botox i feel a heaviness above my eyes ,and the heat or direct sunlight on my face causes a... READ MORE

Eye bags after Botox. It's been 6 weeks now and still almost no improvement. How long will this last? (Photo)

I've been using Botox for about 15 years now. Alwys with a good result. This time i went to another doctor and a day after the treatment I got eyebags... READ MORE

6 weeks since awful Botox from my dermatologist in chin. Wedding in 6 weeks. I can't stop crying & don't look myself (Photo)

My derm injected Botox into my chin for "pebbly" dents when I smile. 4 units on each side for a total of 8 units. my smile is narrow and I can't smile... READ MORE

6 weeks since my first Botox. Do I have to 'til all the Botox is released before I can start to move the muscle from forehead?

Hi today makes 6 weeks that I had my first botox i dint like. Because I think. They put to much for 1. My eyes. Look like smaller and my eyebrows went... READ MORE

Double Vision Caused by Botox Migration?

A week and a half ago i woke up with double vision in my right eye when i look down. I've seen an eye specialist and ive had an MRI, eyes are healthy... READ MORE

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