6 Months Post-op + Botox

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Did Botox Give Me an Itchy Rash on Forehead and Sides of Nose for over 6 Months?

I had botox (4th time in 4 years) in Aril for a slight brow lift, frown lines and crows feet. A few weeks after I developed an itchy rash of small... READ MORE

Bad Botox Results on Crows Feet-What Happened?

I had my crows feet done in December with terrible results. When I smile I get these horrible flaps of skin above my cheeks that I did not have before... READ MORE

Will chewing gum/jaw exercises help wear off masseter botox?

I've had three botox treatments to my masseters within 6 months, on advice from my Dr. However my masseters have diminished to the point that my cheek... READ MORE

Botox Around Eyes and Dilation of Blood Vessels?

I had botox done around my eyes and then stupidly went into an infrared sauna 2 days afterwards. It completely dilated some major blood vessels under... READ MORE

Eyelids still droopy after almost 6 months! Will they ever go back to normal? (Photo)

Almost 6 months past my first (and last!) Botox injections into forehead, glabella and crow's feet. Both eyelids, especially the right one, are still... READ MORE

How Long Will Touch Up Dose of Botox for Masseter Jaw Be Wore Off? I Dislike my Touch Right Result and I'm Very Depressed.

I've first received 20 units on each side of jaws in April 2013 and I liked the result so I went back to the doctor almost 3 weeks ago in Sept 2013.... READ MORE

Swelling and Lumpiness Under the Eye After Taking an Anti-inflammatory Drug? (photo)

I had a filler injection under the eyes 6 months ago and yesterday I took an anti-inflammatory drug for my throat, and woke up today with swelling and... READ MORE

Did Botox and 6 Months Later when I Frown with Brows Pointing Down There is a Ridge- Why?

Got botox 6 months ago and liked it EXCEPT when I would raise my brows there was a subtle bump above where my frown would be and when I would frown... READ MORE

Could It Take More Than Six Months for Botox Under Eye/crows Feet to Go Away?

Six months ago, I had 2 units of botox under each eye and a moderate amount in the crow's feet. It caused bags under my and uncomfortable, dry eyes.... READ MORE

How long does it take for the muscles to regain their former strength?

I had botox 6 months ago to glabella and crows feet. At first I didnt notice much difference for over 3 weeks then my cheeks rose up high and tight as... READ MORE

I had Botox for crows feet, glabella and forehead 5 1/2 months ago. I have pressure above my left upper brow. Why?

I had botox for crows, glabella and forehead 5 1/2 mos. ago. My forehead started to come alive again a week ago. Since then the muscles above both... READ MORE

Botox lasts 4-6 months and then what happens? Still dropped brow?

I am a week away from the six month mark since I had my first and only botox treatment. I had brow droop from botox to the forehead which has changed... READ MORE

Could Botox for crows feet cause nasolabial creases to form? I'm 29yrs old (Photo)

Hi! I recently completed a masters, but I developed some serious scowling lines due to all the chemistry courses I had to take LOL . 6 mths ago Botox... READ MORE

Permanent smile damage by Botox done over 6 months ago in Mentalis and bottom corners of lips.

I had Botox in mentalis & both sides of lower lip corners (she said to help raise smile)- 2 units in each area (total 6). I've always had it done in... READ MORE

Could bad Botox effect take more than 6 months to wear off?

6 months ago I had botox done above my eyebrows in order to remove the line in between which unfortunately made my eyelids look droopy. The problem is... READ MORE

Asymmetry of face after 6 months of brow drop from Botox for frowning

I had Botox 6 months back for frowning& got one eyebrow and eyelid droop. Now after 6 months when eye has improved little but brow is still much lower... READ MORE

Why is my scalp still irritated 6 mos. later? Did doctor's technique cause this? Is there a nerve problem?

I had 15 "rapid fire" injections of Botox in my neck & scalp for severe muscle spasming & migraine headaches. The injections were painful & the pain... READ MORE

How long can a drooping eyelid(one eye) last after 3 injections in the eyelids? It's been 6 months now since the last injection.

How long can a drooping eyelid last after 3 injections in the eyelids. It's been 6 months now since the last injection. I started noticing the... READ MORE

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