2 Weeks Post-op + Botox

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How Long Will Partial Eyelid Droop from Botox Last? (photo)

I was given Botox injections on 1/26/12. 5 days later on 1/31/12 I noticed that my left eyelid was drooping. My brows are even, only the one eyelid is... READ MORE

How Soon After Botox is It Ok to Get Brows Waxed?

Hello, I had 30 units of Botox for 11's between my eyebrows and crows feet for my 57 year old face. All is going well, and I'm pleased. It has... READ MORE

Uneven Eyebrows After Botox?

2 weeks ago I received 44units of Botox in my forehead,glabella & the sides of my eyes and notice that now my RIGHT eyebrow raises higher than the... READ MORE

I Asked my Doctor How Long He Kept the Botox for Use After Mixing-Said 2 Wks., Is This Ok?

I Asked my Doctor How Long He Kept the Botox for Use After Mixing He Said 2 Wks. Is this ok? READ MORE

Smiling Looks Odd After Botox In Chin, Will It Subside?

I posted a question about bumps after chin botox a few wks ago.The problem resolved in a few days, and yesterday my Dr. indicated that there was still... READ MORE

Why my Bruise is Yellow Post 2 Weeks of Botox? (photo)

Its been two weeks since my botox. Done 3 areas forhead, eyes, glubella. Aon left side of crows feer injection site near eye bruise turned yellow, I... READ MORE

Botox on my Forehead, Frown Lines and Crows Feet, and My Eyes Look Tired and Feel Heavy. Causes?

I have had botox injections for the forehead, frown lines and crow feet areas two weeks ago. I noticed recently that my eyes look very tired, as if I... READ MORE

I Think Botox Has Caused my Hearing Loss and Tinnitus - is This Common Side Effects?

I woke up one morning with dullness and tinnitus on my right ear that did not go away - this was 2 weeks after a Botox injection (20 units for crows... READ MORE

Breakout from Botox on my Forehead AFTER Two Weeks?

I had botox on my frown line and forehead almost a month ago. I did not have any allergic reactions until about 2 full weeks after when I started... READ MORE

Botox Not Working for 11s After 10-14 Days? (photo)

Had Botox 13 days ago, pic is from day 10, I feel like there is barely a difference. Im not expecting etched lines to be gone, however , I would like... READ MORE

How to Undo Effect of Botox Massetter Reduction?

My wife has had two Botox injections recently(one in jan and one in apr - two weeks ago) to reduce her massetter and achieve a slim face. the result... READ MORE

Diarrhea After Botox?

I received Botox injections (25 units) in my forehead and brow area and am very pleased with the results. However, I have had chronic diarrhea every... READ MORE

Cervical Dystonia and Botox

Two weeks ago a neurologist administered Botox to my neck muscles because I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia. Five days later I was fine, that is,... READ MORE

Botox Caused Inner Corner of Eyelids and Eyebrows to Droop Down?

I go 50 units of botox 2 weeks ago. I had 3 areas done. I warned the NMD over and over that I had brow/eyelid droopiness before and to avoid the area... READ MORE

Eye is Burning & Red After Botox- Causes?

I had botox a month&2 weeks ago. Was injected under my eyes & crows feet. I have had alot of problems since then with bags under my... READ MORE

Botox Allergy Testing. I Want an Allergy Test but Doctors Offering Botox Said it is Unheard of. Why is This?

I had botox over a year ago while on antibiotics a few hours after treatment my eyes started burning very badly,also over the next to weeks I... READ MORE

Itchiness and White Spots Forming 2 Weeks After Botox. Is This Normal?

After botox on forehead and between brows my skin itched slightly,2 weeks later my head is itchy with tiny white pimples forming and on the brows,i am... READ MORE

How to get rid of wrinkles on cheeks and around eyes? (Photo)

I have had botox about 2 weeks ago for my crows feet. This has seemed to help quite a bit for the actual "crows feet". But as you can see when I smile... READ MORE

Hard lumps on head after botox which are still swollen after 3 days. Why did this happen? (Photo)

I had Botox injected 2 weeks ago and it was fine then I had my top up and within 12 hours all the injection sites had swollen to what looked like... READ MORE

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