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Still have drain after a month after LBL. How long is too long? (Photo)

I am 4.5 weeks post LBL. I still have a drain producing 75-100. I have two sites on my vertical incision that sprung a leak and hasn't stopped in two... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op Circumferential Body Lift, Incision Split And Am Draining. Should I Worry?

I am 4 weeks post circum.. body lift, I have 3 superficial splits, one on my left approx 2", my Dr has me doing a wet dry pack since stitching... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift and Seroma?

Hi, I had a lower body lift 2 weeks ago. I had the drains out this past Friday, and by Sunday I noticed fluid collecting in my lower abdominal/pubic... READ MORE

How long will the swelling and pain last? (Photo)

I had a circumferential body lift about 1week and 4 days how long does the swelling in the stomach last is their anything I can take for the swelling... READ MORE

17 Days Post Op Lower Body Lift - Drain Site Still Open 4 Days After Removal of Drain?

I am 17 days post op of lower body lift. I had my last set of drains removed 4 days ago and one drain site closed up immediately. The other drain site... READ MORE

10 day post op on Body Lift, Thigh, and Buttock Lift. Can I do too much at this point of recovery?

Hello, I am 10 days post operative, body lift, thigh and buttock lift. I have been on my feet most of the day since 8 days post op.... I still have... READ MORE

What are the risks if I have my drains removed in a few days and they are still outputting more than 50cc?

I have had my drains in now for 17 days. I had a lower body lift, breast lift/small implants, lipo w/fat to butt. I am still producing over 50cc in... READ MORE

Wounds/openings after a Lower body lift what should be my next step? Do I have to undego another surgery? (photo)

After having LBL had openings, wounds. 4 different areas 5 Holes. The 2 at my hip where the drain was, one right next to it and there is a tunnel in... READ MORE

I had a belt lipectomy and a seroma formed after 4 weeks. Had a corrective surgery and I'm still draining over 60cc 6 weeks post

I had a belt lipectomy done almost 6 months ago. 6 drains were inserted. My surgeon started pulling them one by one because the drainage was minimal.... READ MORE

Can weight be placed on abdominal seroma?

I am 6 weeks post circumferential body lift. I developed a large seroma in my lower ab/pubic are , PS was able to drain out 500 ml and placed a new JP... READ MORE

How long do the drains stay in on a lower body lift usually? How can I reduce the draining?

Monday will be 4 weeks since my lower body lift and I will be getting my drains removed. I still drain a lot... My back is draining at 150-200 ml and... READ MORE

I'm one week Post Op from a lower body lift. Do my hips look normal?? (photos)

I lost 175 lbs with gastric bypass 3 years ago and just had a lower body lift on 7/12/16 of which my doctor removed 20 lbs of skin. My concern is my... READ MORE

Compression suit necessary? (photos)

I had a circumferential body lift with fluer du lis, have 4 drains in place and had a compression garment on for 4 days. I was taken to hospital for... READ MORE

When can drains be removed after body lift? (Photos)

I had a 360 body lift 4 days ago, and feel great. I'm off pain meds (although I have a bottle left that the doctor subscribed.). I have almost no... READ MORE

Seroma occurrence after body contouring for massive weight loss patients?

I was reading that although fairly common it is more likely for seromas to develop in pt's that have had massive weight loss prior to surgery. Is this... READ MORE

After a body lift, I am freaking out about the 20 pound weight gain. Should I be worried?

I had a body lift done along with a fat transfer to my bottom. I weighted 224 before I got the drains removed and currently, 3 months later, I am 244... READ MORE

My drain site hasn't closed after 11 weeks. Should it be healed by now? (Photo)

I had an LBL 11 weeks ago with 3 drains on either hip. I have a wound on one side that refuses to close. It had a large scab for weeks, so I covered... READ MORE

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