6 Things To Do When Getting Your Eyes Done

13 Feb 2014 at 9:00am

Eyelid surgery (also called blepharoplasty) is a procedure targeted toward getting rid of droopy eyelids and improving puffiness or hollowing in the under eye area. Since your eyes are often the first things noticed, this minimally-invasive procedure may have a profound effect on refreshing the face.
Plastic surgeon, Dr. Ross Clevens, blogs below on six speedy ways to recover when you're getting your eyes "done".
1. Start healthy

By preparing your mind, body and environment for the recovery period ahead, you will be more likely to focus on helping your body heal quickly and successfully.
2. Follow our instructions

Refer to [your] customized post-operative instructions and follow closely for best results. Included are directions on keeping your head elevated, using cold compresses and cleaning the surgical area; all promote healing, alleviate soreness and minimize swelling to boost the recovery process.
3. Get support

We recommend patients have assistance at home for 24-72 hours after a surgical procedure to allow for rest and recuperation. Make sure this individual can cook, or at least have access to call for takeout, and is your ‘breath of sunshine’. Many patients can experience a level of depression after cosmetic surgery, partly because of the pain, swelling and bruising that is typical immediately after the procedure.
4. Be realistic

When you undergo plastic surgery of any kind, you are bound to look worse before you look better. Swelling and bruising can make you feel uncomfortable about going out in public or heading back to your office. If possible, take a few weeks off work or social activities to allow your body time to recover fully.
5. Give your eyes sufficient downtime

They need the rest! Stress can trigger prolonged recovery specifically on the traumatized eyelids, leading them to dry or irritate readily. Avoid any tasks or elements that can stress your eyes, including watching TV, using your iPad or phone, participating in any sports, and putting on contact lenses or eye make-up.
6. Protect yourself from the sun

Once you begin venturing outdoors after surgery, it is crucial to properly protect your skin and eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Use sunscreen and wear a hat and dark sunglasses to shield your eyes from dirt and efficiently guard your eyes from the glare. Sun exposure can make scars more visible and hinder the healing process.
With sufficient rest and care, your cosmetic procedure is much more likely to be comfortable and successful!
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