I Love my EYES - Atlanta, GA(2008) - NOW I've also gotten a mini-facelift (2016)

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It was so worth IT. It took me about 6 months to...

It was so worth IT. It took me about 6 months to find a surgeon that I felt comftable with and one who had 2 licenses. He was a General Surgeon and a Reconstructive Suregeon and could operate at numerous hospitals. He had no complaints or law suits that I could find in the last 10 years. When I went for the consultation it was free and he was very surprise to know I knew ALL about him. Do your homework ladies. The day before I had the surgery someone ask me "Are you tired?" I thought thats why I'm doing this. I did it for me not for ANYONE else. My doctors  in Atlanta, GA he is the greatest and I will definetly be going back to get some other things done.. I LOVE MY EYES I look 20 years younger...LOL My recovery time was start to end 7 days! little bruising or swelling! I'll come back and add before and after.

I would do this again definetly...I am so please...

I would do this again definetly...I am so please that I followed through. I was afraid at times. I even cancelled my appointment BUT called back the same day and ask was it still open! Lucky me....  All I would say is just do your homework and check out your doctor take your list of questions with you to consultation and don't be afraid to ask!

small note: my nose is really not that big..LOL its the camera angle

Mini Facelift (12,000) and Lower eyes redone

Well I had been looking at my turkey neck and thought time to go see Dr, Griffin.. I found out he is about to retire and I was like"OH NO! get me in please!" Since I already knew him and how he works I had no problem with trust or work ethnics. PLUS I also wanted to get my lower eyes touched back up as some fat had started to come back(just a little) I was still happy with how they were even after 10 years.My friends said it was nothing wrong with them BUT I could see it so I decided to do IT! MY EYES..lol
The mini facelift itself did not hurt no pain medicine was taken it was however uncomfortable with the stitches being behind the ear, in front of the ear and a few under the chin. However all stitches have been removed as of today June7. My lower face is still a little numb but I am starting to feel the sensation coming back. I'm on the road to a full recovery

My lower eyes have come along quit nicely as I cant even tell after a week where the stitches were. I just still have the bruising which last time took about 8 weeks to go away

I will come back with updated pictures in about a month. As you know as time goes the swelling goes down and you look even better. Patience is what I need more of.

I am still very please with Dr. Griffin and his wonderful staff. AND Nurse JEAN... awesome thank you for looking after me. Dr Griffin has been a very busy man in his career. I will miss him and I pray he has the best retirement ever. Go visit and get to know those grand kids..Love you all
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