Asymmetry After Upper Blepharoplasty

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I recently got upper eyelid surgery about 3 1/2...

I recently got upper eyelid surgery about 3 1/2 months ago. Over time the swelling decreased but my right eyelid is noticeably higher. My eyelids were not like this before. Surgeons says no eyes are symmetrical but they are at least CLOSE. I feel mine are not and I'm not satisfied. I paid 5,000 dollars and not for this. I am hearing to get a brow lift to fix this...will that correct it? Or over time will they even out at least a little bit? What should I do? It's hard not to worry when you look at them every day! Any help?

Updated on Feb 15, 2010:
Do I need a revision or brow lift after my upper eyelid surgery?

Updated on Jul 20, 2010:
A year later and I am satisfied with my result. Once the swelling is gone you can see your final result

Updated on Jul 20, 2010:
A tip: Post-surgery don't use eye makeup or contacts for awhile because if you do this the swelling will go down SO MUCH FASTER! I did this and my swelling went down right away! In the beginning of my post-op I used eye makeup and wore my contacts all the time and my swelling just never went down. It wasn't until about a month ago that I went to the eye doctor and he told me my contacts were causing swelling underneath the lids. I stopped wearing them immediately and didn't wear any eye makeup for about a month. The swelling is now GONE and I can finally see what my eyes were meant to look like. You will only see your final result once the swelling is completely gone---your lids heal faster if you do this trust me!

Updated on Oct 13, 2010:
1 year 3 months late~ lids are pretty much healed all the way-I haven't noticed much of a difference since 3 months ago but they may still be healing! Scars are gone and there is no irritation regarding the surgery. Thank you all SO much for the supportive comments! If you have any other questions let me know I'd be happy to answer them!

I'm okay with my eyes now, I am happy with my...

I'm okay with my eyes now, I am happy with my result. The first review I wrote was out of frustration because at the time my eyelids were uneven only because one lid was healing faster than the other. They are even now. But having patience helps I expected my final result in about a month and it takes about a full year (depending on the person) to fully heal. Of course there are ways for it to heal faster(no contacts/eye makeup) but each lid heals at different paces and I know that now. Be patient!

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Not completly satisfied.

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