My Tummy Tuck: A Weight Has Been Lifted!

NancyM on 31 Dec 2013 at 9:00am

After tummy tuck resultsTons of plastic surgeons perform tummy tuck surgery -- but finding the one that's right for you may require a little bit of work.

RealSelf member, Heather from South Carolina, learned that choosing the right surgeon also entails taking the doctor's bedside side manner and follow-up care into consideration.

We interviewed Heather to find out more about her tummy tuck experience with Georgia-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Billy Lynn.

What made you decide to have a tummy tuck?

Between having children and being a bit overweight, I just felt embarrassed in front of my husband. It didn't show under my clothes, but you could see my saggy skin and stretch marks when my clothes were off. Other people would say, "You don't need a tummy tuck!"...  and I'd say, "Oh yes I do! You just haven't seen me!"

Last summer, I was in the garden pulling weeds and it was really hot out. My then 3-year old son was with me. I pulled my shirt up a bit to cool off and he said, "Oh! That's scary!" It was pretty funny -- and innocent -- but if my little baby said that, what must my husband think?

So, I waited until I knew I wasn't going to have any more children -- I didn't want to have it done and then ruin everything. I also needed a hysterectomy. My doctor said I could actually do both surgeries at the same time -- so that's what I did.

How do you feel post-tummy tuck?

I feel much more confident. Even though no one else really sees it -- I feel it. I feel better about myself and it shows in my personality. It's like a weight's been lifted.

I feel very confident around my husband, too. I bought a bikini and I put it on before he came home from work -- I never would've done that before! I feel sexier and it's really boosted my self-confidence.Before my tummy tuck surgery

How did you choose your plastic surgeon?

My gynecologist is a friend of Dr. Billy Lynn and referred me. He said he was a good guy and that I'd like him. I did, but I also went to see another doctor --  it was really about price, quite frankly. The other doctor was arrogant. Dr. Lynn understood me and made me feel comfortable. He understood what it was that would really make me happy.

And, the fact that he recommended that I NOT get a breast lift impressed me. He said he thought I'd be more disappointed with the scarring (than with the bit of breast sagging I have now). He wasn't trying to get more money out of me. He didn't try to sell me on any other procedures. He seemed to genuinely care about what would make me happiest.

Tummy tuck after photo

After tummy tuck results

What do you wish you knew before your tummy tuck?

My doctor was so good about explaining everything up front and what to expect. But, even though there was nothing I could've done about it -- I wish I knew that taking the drains out would be really painful.

If I were to give advice to someone, I'd say be prepared for a long recovery. I'm 7 weeks out, and I still can't mop or clean the floor. I only started walking for exercise recently -- and I have to wear my compression garment because the bouncing around can hurt.

What's next?

I'm happy -- but if I was going to consider anything it -- it probably would be some liposuction on my thighs! I can see how people want to have more done after having a good experience ... I can see how people get addicted. But, I'm very pleased with what I've had done.

The doctor is going to repair one of the incisions on my side called a "dog ear".  I hadn't even noticed it, and I'm not sure I would've to be honest, but he did.

That's the kind of doctor Dr. Lynn is -- and I was happy it was him who noticed rather than me coming back and complaining. I wondered how much this was going to cost, but he said it was included. But, I've decided to get through our family vacation first!