Kate Middleton, Salma Hayek, And 14 More of The Most Requested Celebrity Noses

Nicole Karlis on 5 Dec 2013 at 9:00am

kate middleton salma hayek most requested celebrity noses

Most women interested in rhinoplasty often have a specific look in mind when making way to a plastic surgeon's office: often it's something that is smaller, has a flattering profile and looks natural.

And, after speaking with several doctors and sifting through discussions in the RealSelf rhinoplasty community, it's clear the following celebrities have the most sought-after noses.

Here, doctors weigh in on what makes these noses so appealing and desirable to the human eye.

Winona Ryder Winona Ryder nose A nose most any woman would want, sleek and perfectly proportioned with a nice amount of columellar show. -- Dr. Chase Lay

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson nose With a tip that is somewhat round and projected, the volume of her nose fits the voluptuous features of her body and full features of her face. -- Dr. Chase Lay

Salma Hayek Salma Hayek nose At first glance, very petite and defined. However without her strong jawline and the dark features of her eyes and hair, this slightly shorter and somewhat broad base and tip would be out of place. A perfect fit for Selma. -- Dr. Chase Lay

Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz nose Penelope's nose just has character. Somewhat long with a elegantly drooping tip. Complements her exotic features. -- Dr. Chase Lay

Natalie Portman Natalie Portman nose Natalie's nose has a very well-defined tip that would not necessarily be considered petite. However, it fits with the strong but beautiful features of her brow and cheekbones. [This benefits her] as an actress, since she occasionally plays strong (and even dark) female heroines.-- Dr. Chase Lay

Monica Bellucci Monica Bellucci nose It is likely that Ms. Bellucci is a little underprojected in the tip. From what I can see, it appears that she has no supratip break and a small nasal hump. -- Dr. Michael Kim

Megan Fox Megan Fox nose Megan's nose fits beautifully on her face for two reasons. First, notice how the middle third of her nose tapers nicely into a well-defined tip. Second, her nose complements the other features of her face, such as her beautifully tapered jawline and chin -- her nose matches these dimensions and proportions wonderfully. -- Dr. Chase Lay

Kate Middleton Kate Middleton nose Kate's nose has a nice supratip break (or dip just above the tip) that allows a smooth transition to a refined nasal tip. She has a nice symmetric bridge with a  feminine curve and smooth shadow curves (from the eyebrows down the side of her nose to the nostrils). With great front to back projection, Kate's nose is perfectly proportioned -- and serves as a common source of inspiration for plastic surgery. -- Dr. Kimberly Lee

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts_Crop

She has nice symmetry. However, one could argue that her nasal base width (ala to ala) is wide and she has considerable flare. In addition, her nose has slightly more than normal columellar show (where the central part of her nose hangs down beneath the level of the nostrils). Another celebrity and model from the 90’s, Linda Evangelista, had considerable columellar show, but it became a distinctive feature for her. -- Dr. Michael Kim

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba nose

Jessica's nose blends well with the rest of her face to give a friendly and approachable appearance. Her nose is well proportioned, slim, and straight with a smaller tip -- which allows focus on her eyes and the rest of her face. -- Dr. Kimberly Lee

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston nose The width of Jennifer Aniston's nose is approximately the width of one of her eyes (or about 1/5 the width of her face), which is the ideal proportion. In addition to good nasal symmetry, her nose has nice smooth shadow curves with a refined nasal tip -- which gives balance to the rest of her face. -- Dr. Kimberly Lee

Halle Berry Halle Berry nose

Halle Berry's nose is attractive because it is slim and refined. When she flashes her smile, she doesn't have too much flare in her nostrils -- and that allows us to focus our attention on her beautiful eyes! -- Dr. Kimberly Lee

Adriana Lima Adriana Lima nose Adriana Lima has very nice soft tissue facets, that give style and definition to her tip. Overall, her nose nicely fits her face, complimenting her great cheekbones. -- Dr. Stuart H. Bentkover

Dianna Agron Dianna Agron nose Dianna Argon has a wider tip than Adriana Lima, but a very nice nose that fits her face and preserves a bit of an ethnic look. -- Dr. Stuart H. Bentkover

Blake Lively Blake Lively nose

It's hard to tell if Blake Lively had surgery or not, and that is an important objective of rhinoplasty. She has a good, strong profile and nice tip definition. -- Dr. Stuart H. Bentkover

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie nose

Her nose is very straight (when she’s not tilting her head) and has nice symmetry. Although she has relatively thin skin and a somewhat wide tip, these features do not take away from her other prominent facial features (her lips and nose). -- Dr. Michael Kim

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