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Belly button surgery, or umbilicoplasty, is a procedure that changes the appearance or shape of the belly button. It can be performed alone or as part of another surgery such as a tummy tuck or body lift. Depending on how much skin is removed in these procedures, a new belly button may need to be surgically created.

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I decided to do a review on Umbilicoplasty/Belly Button Surgery because there are hardly any reviews of this type of surgery and I figure I'll walk you through my journey this far. Before I start I'll give you a bit of background. I've always been happy with my belly button until I had my... READ MORE

I'm 18 years old and I've had an outtie belly button my whole life. When I was 12 I had my hernia repaired but my belly button was still an outtie. I've been insecure about my body and I looked up ways to make my outtie into an innie. I researched and found a procedure called umbilicoplasty. I... READ MORE

When I was 16 I had my naval pierced and when I got pregnant with my daughter at 21 my piercing area over stretched and the piercing area became loose and wrinkly. I've always wanted to get it removed and I went to my plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Sinclair. He was very great the whole procedure... READ MORE

I'm also looking into doing my belly button, I've always wanted an inny belly button. Growing up my siblings called my belly button a pigs nose.. Lol after having two kids and keeping the piercings in until like 5 months the second time around.. It got worst. So I'm looking into it. still... READ MORE

When I was 14 I pierced my bellybutton with out permission, with a sewing needle. I soaked it regularly put A&D ointment On it ect. Whenever my mother called me into the room id take it out and put it back In when I returned. One day I lost the original piercing and put In a decorative one (one... READ MORE


For years I've wanted to undergo umbilicoplasty to fix my disfigured belly button. If you have any experience with belly button surgery in the inland empire or specifically in corona/ riverside, CA (including costs) please let me know. Note: I had a hernia repair surgery when I was 7 or so.... READ MORE

I had an umbilical hernia, which was repaired a few years after having children. They surgeon left my belly button as is, which was completely sticking out after the pregnancy and surgery. Dr. Schulman was able to correct it beautifully and now can wear a two piece bathing suit and not feel as... READ MORE

I had my tummy tuck and silicone breast implants all at the same time,(he put the breast implants through my stomach) after surgery my stomach was burning I had narcosis on my incision and my belly button. I could not stand up straight for months.. Had wound care for months... After one year had... READ MORE

I had an umbilical hernia caused by two pregnancies. I researched doctors who preformed umbilicoplasty and Dr. Schulman had the most experience with this type of surgery. You can tell he is very intelligent and good at what he does, but he is also very warm and friendly and makes you feel... READ MORE

Hello im Nitesh, I'd excess sagging skin in my abdominal and tummy area so I have planned for beltplasty and straightaway contacted Dr.Milan sir. He is quite friendly and cleared all my apprehensions about the surgery and built confidence in me. Soon,the surgery was planned and completed very... READ MORE

Hola soy Agueda Chaster,me he practicado con el doctor Ulerio una abdominoplastia y puedo decir que estoy encantada tanto con el resultado como por el trato, solo tengo un mes de intervenida y me encanta como estoy y faltan 2 meses de recuperacion, Jairo Ulerio es un doctor increible es amable... READ MORE

Mr.G he did a fantastic job on my stomachplasty. I would 100% referee anyone to go to him. He listen and understands the concerns and makes sure they are all fixed before u leave his office. His whole office staff and him are very professional and work together for whatever you need and... READ MORE

I could not be more thrilled and satisfied with the belly button and tummy tuck operation dine by Dr Born... He truly is a 5 star surgeon with the most outstanding patient care and pritection policy. Him and his winderful staff always welcome and take care of me like a Queen and I would highly... READ MORE

With the dangers of large abdominal hernias, I sought out Dr. Cappuccino because he was the only surgeon who was sensitive to keeping the cuts and scares minimal. He understood that as a 34 year old mom of three, I still wanted to look good, even after removing the two large, pregnancy induced... READ MORE

I was excited and very satisfied with the results and the recovery.Dr Bensimon was just wonderful ,honest and thorough and understanding with each question or concerns that I recovery was fast and scarring was minimum to non .my pain management was all ways under control with no side... READ MORE

I consulted with Dr. Aisha Mcknight-Baron on performing a revision on my arms and my inner thighs (Brachioplasty and Medial thigh lift). I was very impressed with her knowledge and calm personality. after our meeting, i couldnt wait to schedule my surgery for the 9th of April 2014. prior to the... READ MORE

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Brown and his staff. I elected to have a fairly significant surgery after losing over 160 pounds through diet and exercise, and throughout the process, he was extremely informative, reassuring and knowledgeable. He made the entire process much less... READ MORE

Dr. Saha has really changed my look. After my pregnancy I had a big tummy for which was not comfortable in most attire. Now I would really thanks dr. Saha for all his care and guidance he showed during my treatment. He gave me a flat tummy. A man who is down to earth n filled with patience n... READ MORE

My pursuit of Dr Repta was probably quite different than most of you seeking cosmetic surgery, I needed surgery but wanted a cosmetic approach, after being told I would have a 4/5 inch scar remaining and would have a mesh inlay. Having a very slim build and relatively no fat on my stomach my... READ MORE

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