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Aesthetic Clinique is Amazing!!

I have been going to see Dr. Weiner and his team for several years and always totally pleased with the results. I have had Restylane injections and loved the results but wished it lasted longer. I researched Bellafill and called Dr. Weiner's office and made an appointment. I was also looking for... READ MORE

Bellafill is Not SAFE

Bellafill is not a safe product and should not be on the market. I had no idea when the product was placed in my face that i was getting acrylic put in my face. It's been a huge medical crisis and has cost me thousands of dollars so far. The only way to get my infection to go away was to have... READ MORE

Great Experience

I'm a patient that suffering from an acne scar for decades & who have tried everything to get rid of this horrifying situation, I'm glad that I found Dr. Valaie and he introduced me Bellafill. I had a Bellafill was used for my acne scars in 3 sessions. I am very happy with the results. My... READ MORE

Amazing experience and amazing results!

Amazing Bellafill results that keep on growing. One year after Bellafill treatment and I couldn't be happier with the results. The staff at Anne Therese Aesthetic Medicine are as amazing as the services they provide. I can always trust that any questions I have are answered with exertise,... READ MORE

I am very happy with my result

Am so pleased with my result. I went back to get more of the "bellafill" permanent filler and I am very happy thus far, I'm still waiting on healing ☺. The doctor listened to all my concerns. Everyone in that office is just so sweet. Highly recommended I had already gotten the temporary f... READ MORE

More Bruising Than I Expected!

I was surprised that the bruising lasted for a week. It was pretty painful but am hoping that it will be worth it. I'm still healing but wanted to share the bruising because no one told me before hand the bruising was so intense. Just a heads up! Don't do this right before an event or u may b... READ MORE

Bellafill in Tear Trough Nightmare

I had 1 syringe of Bellafill placed in each tear trough using a canula. Soon after, a large lump formed under the left eye that feels like bone. It's often times red. I've had one steroid injection thusfar which hasn't helped. My doctor assures me it looks better which is false. Not only did I... READ MORE

Love my results

I had the best experience at Accents Cosmetic surgery. Dr Berkowitz is absolutely amazing at what he does . I have suffered from acne scares for many years . I met with Maria Dr Berkowitz medical coordinator and she suggested I do Bellafill and a few other treatments that we are still working on... READ MORE

45 Bellafill

I started noticing in my early 40s that my face started to look a bit droopy . So after doing some research and consulting with my dermatologist and a plastic surgeon I decided that Bella Phil was right for me . I saw Dr Ronan at Blackhawk plastic surgery he made me feel very comfortable... READ MORE

Bellafill for Acne Scars - Riviera Laser Studios, Dana Point, CA

Dr. Jeannine Kofford performed my acne scar reduction treatment using Bellafill over the course of two treatment sessions at her clinic, Riviera Laser Studios in Dana Point, CA and I couldn't be happier with my results! Dr. Jeannine is a laser and skin guru, with an "eagle eye" for perfection... READ MORE

Bellafill by Dr. Windle. Kirkland, WA

I had this procedure 10 hours ago in Dr. Wendle's office in Kirkland. I am very happy with the results. There was some swelling but ice and Naprosyn has helped. There was a little pain during the procedure, too, but Dr. Widle numbed my face a bit first and the parts that weren't numb weren't... READ MORE

Absolutely Worth It. Kirkland, WA

A close friend who didn't know said "wow" when she saw the results - unprompted. She said years were rolled back on my appearance. Recovery was faster than expected, I am very pleased with the results. In person I believe the difference is even greater than photos can show, as we see the... READ MORE

29 Years Old Losing Volume in Cheeks and Jawbone - Branson, MO

I had been looking into Bellafill for about 6 months now and finally decided to get this done today and I saw results immediately and so far am very pleased. I bought 3 syringes and had 1 syringe put on each side of my jawbone and had 1 syringe split up for each cheek. I plan on going to get... READ MORE

Bellafill is Performing Well! - Windham, NH

Dr. Lisa explained the Bellafill procedure and the expected results before we began. She has a perfectionist's eye when deciding where to inject. It has been about three months and I can definitely see the difference it is making...cannot wait to see how it will continue to improve! I have had... READ MORE

Excellent Experience with Bellafil - Kirkland, WA

After several years of living with under eye "bags" I recently decided I wanted to do something about them. As they made me look tired and a bit hagged. After much research I decided to not go with blepharoplasty but to instead try Bellafil. Because it is a permanent filler, I made sure to... READ MORE

Bellafill to Cheeks and Temple - Bala Cynwyd, PA

I was a test patient for Artefil/Belafill in 2008. I had one+ syringes injected to my nasal labial lines and chin area. The results still remain today after 8 years !!! But today I went to en experienced and highly rated plastic surgeon who practices using the latest techniques and tools. Dr... READ MORE

"Bulldog" Face No More. Germantown, TN

As I became older, I worked very hard fighting wrinkles and fine lines. Volume loss never occurred to me, but when my once full cheeks started to resemble the mouth folds of a bulldog, I knew it was time to do something. I Googled "smile lines," and my search eventually led me to Bellafill... READ MORE

Deep Acne Scars from Sebacious Cysts, Completely Smoothed and Plumped - Kirkland, WA

Dr. Voss has added Bellafill to her repertoire. She is a true artist, and I have trusted her for many years to remove sun cancer lumps on my face and body. She is so good with the surgery that I have almost no visible scarring even though she has had to remove lumps the size of a golfball... READ MORE

Artefill/Bellafill to Enhance my Facelift - Fleming Island, FL

I had a facelift/necklift on August 13th, 2015 (two months ago), which I am very happy with. However, this only addressed issues with my lower face and neck. To complete the look I am have Artefill injections in my tear troughs, temples and cheeks on Oct 19th. I will also have a more temporary... READ MORE

25 Years Old Treating Deep Acne Scars. Vancouver, BC

I had delt with cyatic acne during mt early 20s and so I purchased a full kit as I have many deep scars. Doctor treated small area with my biggest scar. The procedure was quick and painless. I have check up in 2 weeks and more will be done on my other scars. I am more then satisfied. I cant wait... READ MORE

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