How To Work best With Your Doctor


  • See a dermatologist to get a skin cancer screening
  • Make a separate appointment to discuss cosmetic and anti aging skin treatments. Stop trying to jam too many appointments into one visit either because the patient doesn't have time, the physician doesn't have time or the patient wants to be economical and cram two visits into one.
  • I would hope that the patient will say to the dermatologist "Listen, I am very interested in looking my best. I realize that this is not the best time to concentrate on those issues, can I make a separate appointment to do this?". For a physician, this means that the patient wants to make the investment and will be a Partner in his or her care. It signals an entirely different relationship than the one that begins with trying to get everything into one visit (particularly if it is a managed care visit).
  • I wish all of my patients would take the time and effort to understand cosmetic and surgical treatments as well as the physicians or "technicians" that deliver them. By this, I mean that a lot of my patients, including really smart and wealthy ones, have no idea what the training (or lack thereof ) of the person that is injecting them.
    • When they see someone that is a family practice doctor, gynecologist or pathologist to get "cheap Botox", do they realize that someone that will cut corners and not complete any formal training would also cut corners by injecting water instead of Botox or worse? See a board certified dermatologist with a medical degree, a plastic surgeon with a medical degree or a facial plastic or oculoplastic surgeon with a medical degree.
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