How Much Younger Can I Look With Plastic Surgery?


“Dr. Mendieta, I want you to make me look younger.” That’s a phrase I hear quite often when a patient comes in for their first consultation. I think the expectation many have is that they are going to come in, have a few Botox shots, and leave looking 10-15 years younger. Now while I can’t claim to be achieving these results, we can work in the right direction.

Usually, people have specific aspects of their physical appearance that they want to have changed. With The Mendieta Technique, I take a personal approach to finding the perfect contouring solution for your body and build. Hence, these aspects of your appearance that were once a nagging frustration are now something to be proud of.

Will you look 15 years younger? Most likely not. But I can guarantee that you will walk around with the self-esteem and confidence you had 15 years ago. The feeling of having the perfect body is indescribable.
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