When The Eyes Go First


The TransBleph procedure is a very intuitive new approach to quickly rejuvenate the upper eyelid region and elevate the brows-all through a single small incision which is hidden in a fold of your eyelids.

The procedure is generally done with a brief anesthesia (usually less than 90 minutes). An incision is made in the crease in the upper eyelid and any excess skin and bulging fat is then removed. Next, the falling brow is anchored to the brow bone using a remarkable implant (Endotine) that is naturally absorbed by the body during healing.

This is a unedited response from one of the patients how has experienced this procedure in our practice recently.

“Everyone tells me how great I look-is it a new haircut? Have I lost weight? New makeup? It’s my beauty secret, and I’m not telling!”

Article by
Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon