4 Ways to Improve Your Post-Baby Breast Appearance


It’s no secret that pregnancy can take a significant toll on the body. The effects of pregnancy can be significant enough that many new mothers are caught between feeling delighted about the addition to their family and dismayed at the thought that their body may never look the same again.

For many women, the breasts can be one of the most, if not the most, heavily impacted parts of the body by pregnancy and nursing. However, there is a range of solutions that can be customized to improve your post-baby breasts.
1. Breast Implants Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most common ways that mothers reclaim their curves after having children. Pregnancy normally causes the breasts to swell, but after milk production ceases, women can be left with less volume than they had to begin with.
Breast implants can be an excellent way to restore lost volume to accommodate any skin or tissue expansion that may have occurred during pregnancy. Many women also find that after pregnancy is the perfect time to fill out their breasts in a way they never had before, providing a welcome boost to their figure as they move forward into motherhood.
2. Breast Lift The combination of pregnancy and nursing frequently leaves breasts looking droopy or deflated. Age and gravity also play a part in drawing the breasts closer to the floor, detracting from a previously youthful-looking figure. Breast ptosis, or sagging, can make women feel self conscious about their breast appearance as well as create skin rashes and other feelings of physical discomfort. A breast lift raises the breast position while reforming the breast tissue into a rounder, more youthful shape, and can also reposition the nipples and resize the areolas if necessary.
3. Breast Lift with Augmentation Given the popularity of both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, many women choose to combine the treatments into a single procedure. Combining a breast lift with breast augmentation can not only be an excellent way to achieve a more youthful and curvaceous figure, but can also bypass the stress of undergoing two separate operations and two separate recovery periods.
4. Breast Reduction While many women lose breast volume after pregnancy, others have the opposite problem. For some women, the breasts never lose the added fullness they gain during pregnancy. Overly full breasts can cause ongoing back pain, poor posture, spine issues and skin problems, not to mention difficulty finding clothes that fit your new curves. A breast reduction can create lighter, more proportional breasts by removing breast tissue before lifting the breasts, tightening sagging skin and repositioning the nipples. Just as in a breast lift, the areolas can be resized if needed.

In addition to helping mothers embrace their bodies after pregnancy with fitter, more youthful contours, a breast reduction can improve quality of life by improving your ability to exercise, hold your baby comfortably, wear clothes that fit and enjoy a range of activities that may not be available to you with overly large breasts.
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