All About Vaginal Rejuvenation & ThermiVa!


How Does ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation Work?
Non-surgical radio frequency energy is used to tighten the entire vaginal region, treating both internal and external looseness. Three treatments are recommended once a month for three months using the ThermiVa radio frequency generator and a slim hand piece with a temperature-controlled tip. The temperature only reaches up to 45c, resulting in a comfortable and relaxing treatment.

Why ThermiVa?
-Tighten the vagina
-Tighten the labia
-Reduce sagging, be comfortable in your clothes!
-Say goodbye to dryness
-Softer and smoother skin
-Reduce urinary tract infections
-Reduce leaky bladder
-Increase sensitivity
-Improve ability to reach orgasm
-Boost your confidence
-Enhance your relationship
-Quick, comfortable, painless, no downtime!

Can I Combine ThermiVa Treatments With Labiaplasty?
Good news! ThermiVa treatments can be done in conjunction with Labiaplasty for those women looking for an even more dramatic improvement in the appearance and reduction in size of the labia.

Is ThermiVa Right For Me?
This relationship enhancing, confidence boosting procedure is great for women from their 20’s through 60’s.Radio frequency stimulates collagen production and can effectively reverse the effects that have occurred over time to the vaginal region, resulting in tighter and younger looking skin.

How To Get Started:
Call 910-323-3757 to book your free consultation! Your first treatment can be done the same day (as available).

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