what happens to vagina after pregnancy specially after vaginal delivey


During vaginal delivery the muscles of the vaginal wall are stretched out to allow the baby to pass through. After birth many women sense that their vagina feels looser, softer and/or wider. Many new moms may also notice changes with their ability to control urine loss. In addition to these changes women also find that they feel less of their partner during intercourse, leading to less pleasurable and fulfilling experiences.

Let us imagine this…

A balloon which has been filled with water and left to sit overnight. After 24 hours the water is released from the balloon and the balloon is left to return to its original state. However, that balloon never really ever goes back to its original state. Once stretched, the balloon will never have the same taut appearance that it once had. Repeat this process a few more times with the same balloon and you will find that the balloon loses its elasticity with every fill and never goes back to its previous state.

A woman’s vagina works quite the same way as the balloon. After each vaginal delivery the muscles of the vagina stretch and the result is that the vagina itself becomes wider and more lax. Subsequent vaginal delivery(s) will make the vaginal walls stretch even more creating an even wider vagina with each future vaginal delivery and pregnancy.

What can be done?

FEMILIFT | Modified fractional C02 laser:
Dr. Simhaee has developed a technique utilizing a combination of FemiLift (a fractional Co2 laser) and injecting your own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) into the vagina. In utilizing this incredible combination of the CO2 Laser and PRP technology he is tightening the vaginal folds which lead to the tightening of the vagina and overall improvement of the elasticity of the widened vagina. By performing this procedure after each vaginal delivery you are helping to prevent any future widening of the vagina. In addition this procedure also improves the intensity of sensation during intercourse for both partners, and alleviates minor cases of urine incontinence.

FemiLift by itself is a non-invasive, painless, laser treatment, which stimulates collagen regeneration in the walls of the vagina, leading to an increased vaginal tone.

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