Uncertainty About the Size of your New Breast Implants after Breast Augmentation


It is not uncommon for patients to question the size of their new breasts! Some women may feel that their implants are too big, and others may feel that they are not big enough. There are a few causes for patients to be anxious about the size of their new breasts during the first few weeks after breast augmentation.

Sometimes this is related to swelling or the position of the implants. With time swelling fades away, and the implants do also settle a bit meaning that almost always the shape improves over the first few months. Additionally, the pectoralis muscle that covers most of the implant may be in spasm causing the implants to ride a little higher than they will once everything relaxes.

Lastly, some women, who have had small breasts their whole lives, and suddenly have much larger breasts, go through a period of adjustment. This isn’t really that surprising because your new breast shape and size can really have a big impact on your body image. It can take a little while for your mind, which is perceiving the new implants as something large and foreign in your chest, to accept them as your own.

We ask you to remain patient and wait several months for everything to heal, the implants to settle, swelling to resolve, and your mind and body to work again in tandem before worrying about your size! In almost all cases, women are extremely happy with the choice they made several months after the breast augmentation operation.
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Seattle Plastic Surgeon