Types of Facelifts


Lower (Standard) 

Tightens the lower face’s underlying structures that slacken with age. Also trims excess skin, smoothing it to eliminate facial creases, and giving a visual lift to the bottom third of the face.


As people age, the cheeks and eyelids tend to sag. This procedure restores a youthful, rested look to the lower eyelids and cheeks. 

The Mini “Weekend”  

Performed quickly with a shorter recovery period, the procedure enhances key facial areas. However, the “weekend facelift” is a minor surgical procedure. Results are much less impressive than a standard facelift.

Thread Facelift 

A less invasive approach that has come under criticism for not producing the results as promoted. I do not offer this technique because of the questionable level of improvement.

Article by
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon