Tummy Tuck After C-Section - What's the Waiting Period?


Have you had a C-section and are considering a Tummy Tuck to get your flat stomach back? Many women have this operation every year and are pleased with their results. According to readers of Real self-94% of women who have had Abdominoplasty feel it is worth it and would do it again.

There are many factors to consider before having a Tummy Tuck after a C-section, among them:

· Are you done having children? - You should definitely be finished having children before having this procedure. Although you can safely have children after having a Tummy Tuck, doing so will likely ruin the result. Skin will stretch again and your belly will become loose.

· Have you lost your "pregnancy weight?" - You should get back to your pre-pregnancy weight before considering an Abdominoplasty. Diet and exercise will help you, and the closer you are to your normal weight the better your result will be after surgery.

· Are you finished breast feeding? - It is very difficult to lose weight while breast feeding. In addition, breast feeding mothers should not have elective surgery. Medications, anesthesia, and the stress of surgery could have negative effects on you and your baby.

· Has your scar healed? - Your C-section incision site should be well healed. Most incisions are pink for 7 months following surgery. A fresh incision that is red and irritated can cause interference with normal wound healing of your new incision for an Abdominoplasty.

· Are you in your best physical shape? - Unequivocally your physical conditioning has a very important positive impact on the final result that you will see after surgery. Patients who are fit recover more quickly and achieve a much better cosmetic result.

· Do you have split abdominal muscles? - The abdominal muscles split along the midline in many women during pregnancy. This condition is called Diastasis Recti and can be repaired during a Tummy Tuck. However, Diastasis Repair requires a Full Abdominoplasty not a Mini Abdominoplasty. The difference is that your belly button or Umbilicus will have to be reconstructed during the full procedure which means that you will have a scar around the belly button. Typically an experienced Plastic Surgeon can create an" Inny" belly button.

· Do you have someone to help you during recovery? - Following surgery you will not be able to lift your children, do housework, and lift any heavy objects for at least 10 days. A sympathetic husband, friend or relative who can help you with these tasks is very important for your recovery. A close friend, mother or sister is ideal.

The factors cited above are the important ones for you to consider before deciding when to have a Tummy Tuck after a C-section. It is hard to give a specific time frame that is best.

Surgical Scars take 2 years to fully mature. I recommend that you follow the recommendations I have listed above before a having surgery. On average waiting a year after your C-section and at least 6 months after cessation of breast feeding is best.

Article by
Boston Plastic Surgeon