Tuberous Breasts and Aesthetic Augmentation: Small narrow breasts? There is a SOLUTION …


Tuberous breast deformity is a term used by plastic surgeons to describe a constellation of breast findings including a narrow base, large areola, high defined inframammary fold and heniation of breast tissue through the areola. This combination yields an aesthetically unattractive breast that women are frequently embarrassed of and may contribute to lower self confidence. Surgical interventions are commonly sought out by patients with such breast form, but conventional options are not always very attractive. Conventionally tuberous breasts are treated by creating a scar around the entire areola and sometimes continuing down onto the inferior aspect of the breast as well. Conventionally these techniques are combined with tissue expansion or operative interventions to release the shape and allow placement of breast implants.

By using conventional techniques an improved but unnatural appearance is achieved and scars are usually unfavorable, spreading and widening with some recurrence of the periareolar findings. For these reasons we have an entirely different approach to tuberous breast deformity. I believe that even patients with tuberous breasts should be able to achieve an aesthetically beautiful and natural appearing breast form. Using techniques developed through my international work, he has devised a way to adapt his own ‘cold subfascial breast augmentation’ to tuberous breast deformity. By using a hidden access and reducing the areola with no scar between the areola and the surrounding breast, the most amazingly natural appearing breasts are achieved with no surgical stigmata or stigmata of the tuberous origins of the augmentation.

Patients with tuberous breast morphology now have a surgical option to correct their breasts to a naturally beautiful appearing state! 

Article by
Miami Physician