The Stem Cell Revolution at Paul S. Howard, MD


Adult stem cell biology is one of the hottest topics on the mainline cable media and the internet media.  It is prognosticated that adult stem cells will prolong the life of the laboratory rats and will certainly do the same thin to humankind.  While all of this reporting is exciting, most of us want to know what are you going to do for me today?  It turns out that the youthful benefits of stem cell biology are available today.  We may not yet be able to prolong life, but we can prolong youthfulness during life.  By youthfulness we mean our youthful features.  Adult adipose derived stem cells when used in facial surgery not only improves healing, but the stem cells stimulate a youthful rejuvenation of the skin by changing the anatomy of facial skin to your younger version where the skin is more elastic, thicker, and overall healthier and younger appearing.  To achieve these youthful effects, the stem cells must be autologous (yours), placed beneath the skin so that their blood supply can be restored realizing it is only the alive and functioning stem cells transplanted into the proper location that can grow, divide, and stimulate the necessary growth factors that the skin needs to rejuvenate.  This process is drastically different than rubbing on the skin surface stem cells from plants and expecting their biology to affect our skin positively.  Topicals are necessary for moisturization and exfoliation of the dead skin cells, but only alive, functioning stem cells can repair skin from the inside out.


Adult stem cells are currently being used chemically to replace damaged heart muscle, joint cartilage, and even used for healing our bones.  For some reason, stem cell rejuvenation of our skin seems to have taken a back seat to muscle, cartilage, and joint repair even though it has been studied and proven equally effective.


The Stem Cell Revolution is underway and is available – call for your consultation today!


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