The Perfect Butt


I have spent the better part of my life in Miami studying the female anatomy; its shapes, curves & lines. I’ve come to deduce that there are four distinct butt shapes: the A, the V, the Square, and the Round.


The A shape, which derives its name from a thin waist line leading to a more plump rear (thus forming an “A”) is far and beyond the most sought after shape women seek in preparation for South Beach. On the other hand, the Square shape is widely considered the least attractive.

Working with these different shapes is why I consider myself an artist, not simply a plastic surgeon. I work with my patients to achieve the perfect contour for their body.

Take the A shape, for instance. To achieve best results, I recommend the Butt Lift via fat transfer, or Brazilian Butt Lift. In this procedure, I transfer fat from the abdominal area and sculpt it into the butt, hence achieving the perfect A shape women dream of.
The key is that every patient is different. This is why I developed The Mendieta Technique, a personalized body contouring solution. If you were to come in for a consultation today, we would work together to determine the best course of action for your body; you wouldn’t be subject to some “cookie-cutter” surgery.

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