The Final Results Of My Butt Lift


When I consult with a prospective patient about the Brazilian butt lift, one of the questions I always get is about their final result.

“Dr. Mendieta, what will my butt look like?”

There are a few points that I always make very clear. One, your body is genetically predisposed to hold fat cells in certain areas. This may be in your abdomen, or it may be in your butt. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, we are transferring fat cells from your abdomen and grafting them onto your butt.

Now the way fat cells work is relatively simple. There are only a couple times during your lifetime when your body can generate fat cells. In all other instances that you gain/lose weight, this is simply those fat cells getting bigger and smaller, you are not losing/gaining them.

Which finally leads us to the question, what will your butt look like after a Brazilian butt lift?

One of the main factors in your final appearance will be how much fat I have to work with going in to surgery. In some instances, I send my patients to booty camp, where I ask them to gain around five to ten pounds. This way, we are working with your own body fat throughout the entire surgery.

Diet and nutrition are also important factors. Now remember, with the Brazilian butt lift, not only am I increasing the size of your butt, but I’m sculpting your abdomen, creating that hourglass figure that women crave. When it comes to diet and nutrition, and individual who works out (six months post-op, of course), may see their fat cells decrease in size. However, this would be the case across your whole body, not just you butt, so the proportion between your abdomen and butt would still remain the same.
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