Welcome to the “Age of Anti-Age!”


Gravity is commonly associated as a cause of facial aging. But major contributors to facial aging also include the loss of volume in your face from shrinking fat and thinning skin and bone.

Recent advances in cellular regeneration now offer the ability to restore volume to areas in your cheeks and around the mouth and temples – without undergoing major surgery.

Sculptra Aesthetic® is a facial injectable that replaces that lost volume by stimulating your own cells to naturally produce more collagen. This thickens the collagen layer of your skin, providing a foundation that smoothens out shallow to deep wrinkles and folds that have developed over time.

Dr. Szachowicz has extensive experience with Sculptra Aesthetic® as he is one of a few national trainers of this procedure who instruct other physicians in the most advanced techniques and applications of Sculptra Aesthetic®.

Sculptra Aesthetic® is an injectable form of poly-L-lactic acid, which has been approved by the FDA to stimulate new collagen growth. Over a series of three treatments, you will notice how your new collagen adds structure to your cheeks and around your mouth.

Each injection deposits small dissolvable crystals into the soft tissue of your face. These crystals cause the body to produce more collagen as a reaction to this injection. After this occurs, the crystals disappear, leaving only the resulting collagen in its place. The final filler left by the Sculptra Aesthetic® injections is actually your own collagen tissue, making Sculptra Aesthetic® the most natural of all the injectable fillers.

Since the Sculptra Aesthetic® injections are not given all at one time, this gives you gradual improvement in your appearance. Seeing how much of your own collagen is produced after the first injection will determine individually how much Sculptra Aesthetic® is given for the second injection and the third injection. The change is noticeable after three months when compared to the before photos, but it may not be obvious to your friends or co-workers.

Sculptra Aesthetic® is a simple procedure to gradually improve your appearance with a long-lasting, natural result. Combined with other rejuvenating techniques it can give you the maximum improvement with minimal downtime.

The great news is that treatments can last up to two years to give your face a natural, more youthful look.

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Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon