Telling Your Family About Plastic Surgery


Deciding to undergo plastic surgery, whether it is a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, is always a difficult process. More times than not, the person making this choice hasn’t discussed it with many others, as is the nature when making personal choices. However, I always recommend to my patients that, if they are comfortable with it, they should share their story with their friends and family.

Here’s why.

First and foremost, it’s always easier to go through plastic surgery with the support of your friends and family. No matter the extent of the procedure being done, it’s a trauma on your body, which is always difficult to get through alone. Having somebody by your side to help you with any lingering discomfort post-surgery will make your life so much easier.

Secondly, getting the weight off your chest will boost your self-esteem. Many of my patients come to me to looking to change their physique. As I’ve noted in this previous post, self-esteem factors as the most common reason people seek plastic surgery. However, if you decide to keep your surgery to yourself, you do not get the joy of sharing your great results.

Don’t let your plastic surgery be the elephant in the room. Avoid awkward conversations, and embrace your physical change. Have a plan. Explain your reasoning for having your procedure. The public taboo that used to exist about plastic surgery is not as common in today’s society; I think you’ll be surprised by the support you receive.
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