Teen Rhinoplasty Surgery - some advice from a passionate rhinoplasty specialist.


If you're a teenager unhappy with the appearance of your nose, you are not alone. Teenage girls who are born with large, and distracting nasal appearances may begin experiencing dissatisfaction in middle school, during puberty, when your nose may appear too large and overpowering for your face. If you have reached your full growth potential, surgery may be considered in girls as young as 14, and several years older in boys.

If you're considering Teen Rhinoplasty surgery, you should have extreme dissatisfaction with the appearance of your nose. If you like your nose on some days, you're probably not a good candidate for surgery. You also need to understand that the goals of surgery are improvement, not perfection. If you're under 18, you must have the permission and complete support of your parents.  One of your parents will be signing your surgical-permission form before proceeding with Teen Rhinoplasty, and one or both of your parents will need to accompany you to your consultation. 

Your Teen Rhinoplasty consultation will be fun. We will talk about what bothers you about your nose and what you would like to achieve. Sometimes it's helpful to write these down before your consultation. After reviewing you medical history, your nose will be gently examined. We want to check your nasal skin, cartilage, bone, and your airway. Then we'll look at your nose in the mirror together, and we'll discuss what can and cannot be addressed by Teen Rhinoplasty surgery. 

Then we'll take photos for computer imaging. We will view your face, side by side, with your old nose on the left and your morphed nose on the right. We will discuss your frontal and profile views, and a copy of your computer imaging will be printed for you to take home. In our experience, computer imaging helps to establish realistic expectations, and is helpful for you and your family to visualize how you may appear after Teen Rhinoplasty. 

If we all decide that Teen Rhinolasty would be right for you, your next visit would be your comprehensive pre-operative visit. You will receive your prescriptions, written instructions, and a thorough description of what to expect. Your pre-operative visit will continue until all of your questions are answered, and you and your family feel completely comfortable. Before surgery is performed, you may need a blood test or a visit to your pediatrician. 

The next meeting will be at one of our surgicenters, where your procedure will be performed. We will chat the morning of your surgery; the goals of your procedure will be re-discussed and further questions answered. 

Your Teen Rhinoplasty surgery will be performed with general anesthetic, and your procedure will take around two hours. After recovering, you will be driven home and you will remain in your house, resting for a week. You will not experience much pain after Teen Rhinoplasty surgery - just congestion, bruising, swelling, and boredom. This is a great week to catch up on studying, reading, movies, and music.

Your first postoperative visit will be 7-8 days later, at which point your dressing will be removed, and normal social activities may be resumed with some artful concealer. Our staff will teach you how to camouflage bruising which will completely resolve within 3-4 weeks. Nearly all of our teen patients see a positive improvement the day of their "reveal". Unrestricted physical activity may be resumed 21 days following your surgery.

Follow up visits are then scheduled one month, three months, six months, and one year after your Teen Rhinoplasty surgery. Around 80% of your swelling will dissipate the first month after your Rhinoplasty. The remaining 20% will resolve from the lower third of your nose over the course of a year.

For a successful outcome, it may be important to be 125% on-board with the surgical plan. If you have any concerns or hesitation after your consultation and subsequent visits, it may be wise to postpone surgery until you are psychologically ready. 

Hope this helps!

Dr Joseph

Article by
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon