Stubborn Fat Has Met Its Match


Are you eating healthily and working out diligently, but still not seeing the results you are striving for? It is likely that you have heard of CoolSculpting, but there is a new device out there that removes stubborn fat.  It is called SculpSure, and it is the first FDA-cleared laser for non-invasive lipolysis.  Instead of freezing fat cells, SculpSure uses heat to destroy fat cells. The best part is that SculpSure has been proven to permanently destroy up to 24% of treated fat in just 25 minutes.  You can have it done on your lunch hour! And it is very well tolerated and does not have risk of nerve damage.        

Clients are loving the results they are seeing in just 6-12 weeks, and I decided it would be worthwhile to speak with one of them to get their thoughts on their SculpSure treatment. 

Client Information:  B. is a 50-year old woman leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  Before treatment, she was within 10 pounds of her target weight, but had bothersome pockets of fat in her mid-section.  She was advised that a Treat-To-Complete would provide optimal results. This approach treats the upper and lower abdomen, as well as the flanks.  

Why did you decide to on SculpSure? 

I was having a difficult time losing the fat in my stomach area.  I had done some research and liked the fact that I could lose the fat permanently and each SculpSure treatment was only 25 minutes. I am a busy lady!

What did the procedure feel like?

We started by doing a treatment on my abdomen, and so four applicators were placed on that area.  The doctor confirmed that everything was placed correctly and he commenced the treatment.  My SculpSure specialist sat with me the whole time and monitored my progress.  I could feel a heat sensation as the applicators began to warm up.  Once they hit the maximum temperature, I experienced some discomfort.  However, as soon as the heat peaked, it then entered a cooling phase so it was definitely tolerable.  It was reassuring to know that I could request a blast of cool air from the applicators if I ever felt like I needed a break.  My SculpSure specialist told me that any additional cool blasts would not have a negative effect on my results so that put me at ease too.  After the treatment, I was able to resume my normal activities.  I did feel some tenderness for a few days afterward but it was not a big deal.

How would you describe your results?

I am so very happy with my results.  I started noticing a difference around 6 weeks.  My clothes were looser and my stomach area is more defined.  It has been 11 weeks and I am continuing to see results. It is exciting!

Would you have this procedure done again knowing what you know now? 

I definitely would.  I am amazed that I could lose fat with a 25-minute procedure and see real results.  It was also great that I could go back to my normal life right after the treatment.  I would recommend SculpSure to anyone looking for a permanent fat reduction solution.

Final Thoughts from Dr. Hartman.

If you are eating right and exercising, but not getting the results you want, SculpSure can be a great solution for a non-invasive option to eliminate stubborn fat.  Take some time to learn more about the device and make a careful examination of your goals in terms of fat reduction.  This will help you greatly during your consultation.


Article by
Dover Facial Plastic Surgeon