Say Yes To Our SculpSure® Body Contouring Treatment For A Slimmer Silhouette Before THE Big Day!


Every bride (and groom and mother-of-the-bride and groom!) wants to look like the very best version of herself on her wedding day. However, how you envision yourself looking in your wedding dress and what you actually see in the mirror don't always match!

If you've been engaged 6-9  months, you most probably have your date and venue set, and are on your way to selecting the most perfect dress.  Now make the most of the next few months and get your body feeling fabulous!  You may be increasing the time you spend at the gym to remove that squeezable inch around your middle, but many find that their tummy fat is resistant to both their pre-wedding diet and exercise program.  

Along with that pre-wedding  healthy eating and some well-spent time exercising, the new SculpSure body contouring treatment can help reduce up to 24% of the stubborn fat in a “trouble area” after just one treatment. Most patients, however, find the two to three treatments are better suited to achieving their fat reduction goals.  As multiple SculpSure treatments are spaced 10-12 weeks apart for optimal results, now is the perfect time to visit us for a free SculpSure consult.  Results are noticeable 8-12 weeks after each treatment. 

We know the engagement year is one of the busiest ever for brides-to-be, so no worries – the light-based SculpSure® process involves only minimal discomfort (short periods of intense warmth followed by periods of cooling), without the downtime involved with surgical liposuction. With SculpSure fat reduction, you can go right back to crossing items off of your wedding to-do list! 

Article by
Leawood Vascular Surgeon