Five Reasons for the Wide Variation in Breast Augmentation Fees


1. Hospital vs. Office-Based Surgery: breast enlargement surgery performed in a hospital setting can be much more expensive because of:

  • an additional charge for the use of the hospital operating room,
  • the preoperative hospital evaluation that is done on the day of arrival
  • hospital anesthetic cost

      When the procedure is performed in an accredited, in-office operating room, these additional fees are not necessary and therefore the overall fee can be significantly reduced without sacrificing safety.

2. Saline vs. Silicone Implant: there are several implant choices, but, over the past few years, many surgeons have gone from the Saline implant to the high tension gel silicone implant because of safety factors and a more natural feel. The saline implants are much less expensive than the silicone implants and you should take this into consideration when reviewing and comparing fees. I currently recommend the use of the high tension gel implant (Gummy Bear) and offer it almost exclusively in my practice.

3. Experienced Surgeon vs. Novice: it is strongly recommended that prior to selecting your surgeon that you review his credentials and determine if he or she is a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Unfortunately, many low cost clinics often employ less experienced, non-board certified surgeons and can therefore offer lower fees.

4. USA vs. Foreign: over the course of a 30 year career, I have had the unhappy experience of having to redo many patients that have opted to have their surgery performed in other countries. This is not to say that there are not many well-qualified surgeons in other countries, but it should be imperative that you do your homework and research your surgeon’s credentials carefully before proceeding.

5. Many vs. few: there are many surgeons that have performed many breast augmentation procedures and have gone even further and focused their practice primarily on this type of procedure. With this higher volume of cases and with the added experience, many of these well qualified surgeons can offer a lower fee because of their efficiency in performing this procedure.

Article by
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon