The real difference between Juvéderm and Belotero, by Brad Bengtson, MD


Juvéderm beats Belotero in mitigating perioral lines, but both perform well

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Smile and you risk developing perioral wrinkles. But for women and men in Grand Rapids looking to have their laugh and erase the evidence, Juvéderm recently performed well in a six-month, double-blind, controlled multicenter study comparing the effects of Juvéderm Ultra and Belotero Balance.

The study, which was conducted by California-based dermatologist Kimberly Butterwick, MD, involved testing the two different products on 130 adults, average age 58, with moderate to severe perioral lines.

Liquid Face Lift Association defines the perioral area as the “area around the mouth” and cites a number of specific and common wrinkle types that form around the mouth, including lipstick lines, marionette lines, and parentheses lines. A common misconception is that lipstick lines are caused by smoking, and though smoking slows down your body’s collagen production and could be a contributing factor, these lines are generally simply caused by age. Time, and the sun, break down the collagen and erode the elastin that gives your skin its firm, youthful appearance. And given that you likely spend a lot of time smiling, laughing, talking, and generally forming different shapes with your mouth, it makes sense that the mouth would be one of the first places to betray our age.

Over the course of the study assessing the impacts of Juvéderm Ultra and Belotero Balance on perioral lines, researchers utilized a perioral line severity scale to assess the impact of each treatment with a goal of achieving a four-point improvement. At six months, 87 percent of the patients receiving the Juvéderm had achieved and maintained that goal while 72 percent of patients treated with Belotero Balance achieved the goal. Researchers indicated that the Juvéderm Ultra also had a more prolonged effect than the Belotero.

Both products contain the same active ingredient—hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body that helps keep skin looking young—but Belotero Balance has a thinner viscosity than Juvéderm Ultra and is generally considered better adapted to thinner lines such as those that patients in Grand Rapids and beyond tend to see forming around the mouth.

Ultimately, despite the slight disparity in results, researchers were impressed with the results from both Juvéderm Ultra, referred to over the course of the study as HYC-24L, and Belotero Balance, which was referred to as CPM-22.5.

“Both products had a similar look, a natural feel and ease of injection, but HYC-24L provided more effective correction with less pain than CPM-22.5,” Butterwick said. “HYC’s greater persistence of effectiveness at month 6 suggests that it may exhibit a longer duration of benefit than CPM.”

As part of the study, researchers monitored patients’ pain levels during treatment and monitored for any adverse reactions, of which there were none. However, Liquid Face Lift Association notes the significance of finding a certified and trained medical practitioner with knowledge and experience with the product. Whether a patient is seeking Juvéderm Ultra or Belotero Balance, whatever the patient’s age and gender, and whether a patient is located in Grand Rapids or elsewhere, it’s imperative to seek a qualified medical professional.

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