Well-performed Rhinoplasty Surgery may lead to improved confidence and self-esteem.


Some of our happiest patients have been young women, with large noses, that underwent Rhinoplasty Surgery for a smaller, more feminine nasal appearance. Patients we've cared for seeking Rhinoplasty Surgery have often felt dissatisfaction with their noses since their teens: Rhinoplasty Surgery may lead to a more feminine nasal appearance which in turn may yield improvement in ones confidence, self-esteem and overall sense of well-being. Our goal is to provide a natural-looking nasal appearance that allows ones nose to blend in and not call attention to itself.

In our practice, the art of creating a natural-looking nasal tip is achieved by treating the tip cartilages like the legs of a tripod. The tripod-nasal-tip, originally described by Dr. Jack Anderson, enables us to effect changes in the tip by altering the the size and shape of each leg. Each lower lateral cartilage is a leg, and the combined medial crural complex makes the third limb of the tripod.

Using an open approach, the cartilaginous and bony skeleton of the nose is widely exposed, and the lower lateral cartilages are divided. Then the medial crura are sutured together to make the central post of the tripod, and the right and left lower lateral cartilages are contoured to effect a desired change in the tip.

In the clinical presentation that follows, her medial crural post is deprojected along with the anterior portions of her lower lateral cartilages. These maneuvers result in tip deprojection, rotation and narrowing. A columellar strut is placed to add structural support to our newly reconstructed tip, and to aid in the correction of her hanging columella. Hump removal is performed with Joseph saws and a 15 blade. Medial and lateral osteotomies are performed ensuring adequate narrowing of the upper and middle thirds of her nose.

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Dr. Joseph

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