A Patient's Experience


June 30, 2009


My years as a professional employed in a field which hugely emphasizes the arts, I knew it was only a matter of time, and aging, before I would seek medical intervention to preserve some of the gifts both God and my parents gave me.


At 60 years old, the softening of my features had definitely started to take place, and I was not ready to become the person my mirror was showing me I would be.  My career has been in the local community for more than 30 years, and I have had the opportunity to deal with many accomplished medical people, as well as their spouses, and also my own professional colleagues.  For this reason I had the opportunity to observe results, both good and bad, as well as hear comments about treatments and care.


Through these experiences I noted who medical doctors used themselves, we well as who they referred their spouses to, and who, in a time of great tragedy, doctors trusted.  I also noted the credentials of various doctors only to realize some educationally, have far more than the normal expectation.


When it came time for me to plan changes in my appearance, there was no doubt in my mind as to whom I would consult with, and then engage, to accomplish the necessary changes.  Dr. Edward Szachowicz was my outstanding choice.


Even though I had researched the issue for many years, I still had a myriad of questions for Dr. Szachowicz as well as Sharon Miller, his consultant. Detail is of extreme importance in my profession, and with my appearance, even more so.  I knew I would be living the rest of my life with the results, so my faith and trust in the person I would choose would be paramount.


The experience of the procedures for as much as was accomplished, was surprisingly tolerable.  I attribute this to my following careful instructions beforehand, but especially to the meticulous oversight following surgery by Dr. Szachowicz personally, on many follow-up visits during the healing process.


There were many visits per week in which multiple procedures to encourage healing and comfort were performed.  Answers to my questions were always provided feely and happily.  I came to feel very fortunate to have chosen the doctor and his staff who carried all this out.


At this time, I am at the end of the process and I feel compelled to encourage those who, like me are not yet ready to succumb to letting “Nature take its course”!  I want some vibrant, healthy, and youthful years for my appearance, and I hope those who are questioning and wondering, will put their faith and trust in Dr. Szachowicz.  You will not be disappointed.





Article by
Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon