New Youth Skin Care ingredient Invisiderm


New Youth Invisaderm found in the Fade Serum and Anti-Inflammatory Serum
Invisaderm is an ingredient designed to break down or pre-digest the numerous other ingredients in the two products New Youth Fade Serum and Age Control Serum. We have found it to be most effective, allowing the ingredients to rapidly penetrate into the dermis, where they can affect the various cells, elastin fibers, collagen, and other structures. Invisaderm also allows the ingredients to be Timed-Release. The effectiveness of both products were greatly enhanced when we began using Invisaderm over 10 years ago.

One problem that we have encountered, however, is that if the serum in either the Fade Serum or Age Control Serum comes in contact with the lettering on the glass bottles, the Invisaderm has a tendency to digest the ink just as it does the ingredients within the bottle. In fact, if you get the lettering on your fingers, they can end up on your face too. Solution: if you get product on your hands, my suggestion is to wipe your hands or rinse your hands with water before handling the bottles. Adhering to this suggestion will solve the problem with the dissolving letters.

The New Youth Fade Serum is our main product for pigmentation spots, melasma, and for our goal to achieve clarity. The New Youth Age Control Serum is one of our anti-aging products. Both products work well by themselves but are even more effective when used with the seven synergistic products found in the New Youth Basic Kit.

The various New Youth products can be ordered online via the website for New Youth Skin Care or New Youth Cosmeceuticals.

We always welcome any suggestions regarding our products. We are a small company, and both client and patient satisfaction are very important to us.

Article by
Savannah Plastic Surgeon