Naturalfill- the latest gimmick designed to deprive you of your money- and perhaps your safety


There is a phenomenon that most of the reputable, Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who contribute to this site are very familiar with whereby some less ethical provider of aesthetic services aggressively advertises a procedure with a cute, previously unknown name in order to attract patients. 

Occasionally, they are aided by the manufacturer of a device used in the procedure, in which case the names get really cute, as these companies devote more people and money to coming up with something really "catchy" to describe a procedure which is, at its heart, not really new.

Imagine I approached you and told you I had invented a new device that you could climb in to, start up, and use to transport yourself anywhere you wanted to go. I would call it a personal transportation unit, or "Persportator"...

You would probably be confused (or worse)... You probably already have a car, and unless my "Persportator" actually was better, safer, or less expensive than yours, you wouldn't be interested...

There are some, however, who might be fooled into buying a Persportator simply because it is new, my aggressive advertising is interesting, or the fact that I introduced the Persportator on the Dr. Phil show led them to believe it represented a legitimate advancement in personal transportation.

But the fact remains that unless something is proven through the scientific method to be more effective, more safe (meaning the risks are materially and reliably lower), or less expensive than alternatives already available, any other claims about it (Dr. Phil's popularity notwithstanding) are simply marketing hyperbole.

We have seen this time and time again... How many of you have heard of the Quicklift, the Lifestyle Lift, the Lunchtime Lift, The Liquid Facelift, or Liposculpture?

These are all examples of well understood and longstanding procedures renamed by one or more physicians in an attempt to make prospective patients believe they are in possession of some "secret" technique that can only be had in their office. Indeed this is such a problem that this behavior has been deemed a violation of our (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons) Code of Ethics.

This behavior seems to be most evident among non-plastic surgery providers of liposuction services, the latest example of which is the "Naturalfill" procedure, which is supposed to be a new procedure for breast enhancement.

Here are the facts:

Naturalfill is fat grafting- the removal of fat in an area of the body where it is undesirable to the patient, with placement of some of this fat into a more desirable area for increased volume in the new area.

Fat grafting is NOT new. Any experienced plastic surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery is familiar with fat grafting techniques, and has been for many years. We have used these techniques successfully for improvement in the outcomes of many of our procedures, and in fact, in my own practice I have personally been performing fat grafting for buttock enhancement for years.

It is, in my opinion, a lapse in ethical responsibility to use a different tool to perform an established procedure and call it a revolution. No matter which television personality you got to invite you onto their show.

Furthermore, most ethical plastic surgeons would also want you to know that fat grafting for breast enhancement is not a proven technique- either with regard to the long term safety of the procedure or the satisfaction of the patients undergoing the technique. Why, you ask, would I be so comfortable performing the procedure for facial enhancement or buttock enhancement yet so concerned about its use for breast enhancement?

It's quite simple- 1 in 8 women in the US develop breast cancer. When fat is grafted into the breasts, this (in some patients) may confound the diagnosis of breast cancer in the future... furthermore, the volumes of fat necessary to achieve most patient's desired breast contour are not possible to graft into a breast safely.

A quick review of the answers given to inquiries of fat grafting for breasts on this site will give you a good understanding of the issues...

Bottom Line:

Naturalfill is fat grafting.

Fat grafting is not universally accepted as safe and effective for breast enhancement.

Giving cute names to existing procedures in aggressive attempts to attract patients by fooling them into thinking you are offering something new is disingenuous at best and dishonest and unethical at worst- neither trait being desirable in someone you may be making responsible for your happiness and safety.

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