Myths and Facts about Rhinoplasty


Plastic surgery on the nose or Rhinoplasty is amongst the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in Houston. While some people will go through this surgery for reconstructive purposes, others can benefit for aesthetic purposes. Even though the surgery has gained so much popularity, there are still many myths surrounding Rhinoplasty. We will take a closer look at some of the most common myths and facts we hear about Rhinoplasty.

1. Plastic Surgery yields plastic results.
Myth. For many people the word “plastic” seems to be quite misleading, the truth is that the word comes from the Greek language and it means “to mold” or “to form”. Dr. Norris takes a conservative approach when performing a Rhinoplasty to ensure the patient receives natural-looking results and avoids an operated, plastic appearance.

2. Surgery is my only option to change the shape of my nose.
Myth. Depending on the extent of correction, dermal fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm can be utilized to reshape the nose. Fillers are able to camouflage the dorsal hump by adding volume to create a smooth line to your profile view. Filler injections are temporary and can last up to a year.

3. Patients Always Need to be under General Anesthesia during the Procedure.
Myth. While it’s true that many patients will be under general anesthesia when undergoing rhinoplasty, IV sedation may also be used for patients who seek minor revisions. When IV sedation is used, the patient will not be completely unconscious during the procedure as with general anesthesia; however, they will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure and still remain unaware of the surgery in progress.

4. Rhinoplasty Can Be Performed Outside of a Hospital
Fact. Based on the extent of your rhinoplasty and your medical history, this procedure can be performed at our accredited surgical suite located in our office. In this instance, IV Sedation can be used for anesthesia.

5. Rhinoplasty Will Leave Scars
Myth and Fact. In the majority of cases, Dr. Norris can easily conceal the incisions inside the nose, but also within wrinkles and creases. Any incisions made on the outside or base of the nose will fade over time and will most likely not be visible at a conversational distance.

If you have any questions on Rhinoplasty in Houston or would like more information, please call the office to set up a consultation with Dr. Norris.

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