375cc or 400cc Implants for Breast Augmentation?

I am undergoing a Breast Augmentation in two weeks and was wondering which implant is more likely to bring me to a full C. At my consultation I tried on a 400cc Breast Implant but felt I looked "top heavy," and felt that 350cc were too small for me. I liked the projection of 400cc so I was wondering if I should get a 375cc implant in moderate plus or moderate. Which would look more natural? My stats are 5'6" and 135lbs. I'm starting off with a 34A or small B. Thanks!

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Selecting size of breast Implants

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The actual size of a breast implant, measured in cc's, is really not very descriptive of what a breast augmentation will look like, or what the cup size will be. It is all relative to the size of the breast and the size of the patient preoperatively. A tall, broad-shouldered patient with small A-cup breasts may require 450cc implants to achieve a C-cup breast volume postoperatively, while a shorter patient with medium B-cup breasts may only need a 250cc implant to achieve a C-cup breast volume.
If a natural appearance is the goal, then the way to get the size right is to 'try out' different implant volumes and profiles in the operating room. Once the implant pockets have been created, sterile sizers can be placed in the implant pockets, and the upper half of the O.R. table raised so that the resulting breast appearance can be assessed with the patient in an upright 'sitting' position (chest fully upright) while under anesthesia. These sizers are available not only for each implant size but also for each implant profile: low, moderate and high (in this practice we use high-profile implants only in rare instances). Inflatable sizers are used for saline implant augmentations, and pre-filled gel sizers are used for gel implant augmentations.
For any patient there is obviously a range of implant volumes that would be considered natural-appearing, and a volume at which the upper pole of the breast begins to look very unnatural. While one patient may seek an augmentation that is 'perfectly natural', another may be interested in a result that is more on 'the full side of natural', and many patients do ask that the largest implant volume be selected that does not produce an unnatural fullness in the upper pole. By using breast implant sizers intra-operatively to determine exactly what breast implant profile and volume produces the best breast appearance in the O.R., patients can be provided with the closest possible approximation of their preoperative goals, and can be assured of a natural-appearing result.

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Sizing

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You are in the vicinity and 25 cc here or there is not going to make a noticeable difference. The look is very different when you are trying sizers in a bra as to when the implants are placed. What you need to look for when trying sizers is the volume not so much the look because that is not very accurate.

Moderate implants will give you a more natural look and more cleavage, where as the moderate plus or high profile look more round and more projecting as well as looking a bit more on the fake side.

Hope that helps.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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25 cc difference in breast implant size is less than 1 ounce

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The difference between 375 cc and 400 cc is so small as to be hardly noticable after surgery. Remeber as well that when you try on the implants inside a bra they appear slightly larger than the same size implant after surgery. At the consultation, if the 400 cc at your consultation looked a little bit too big that is probably the right choice for the implant. Remeber also that nationwide about 80% of patients say they wish they had gone just a little bit bigger. The moderate profile will also be a more natural shape. So I would recommend going with the moderate shape in the slightly larger 400 cc size.

Robert B. Pollack, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Choosing Your Implant Size

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Choosing the size of your breast implants is the most emotional part of the decision making process. My goal is to achieve a look that makes you feel comfortable. This is, of course, is different for each individual. The size of the implant should relatively match the width of your breast. Going too large or too small can cause long term complications. Depend on your surgeon’s expertise to determine what size would fit best to achieve your desired look. Ideally, find a surgeon that provides a sizing test during your consultation so you can see your potential result in the mirror. This will provide the most accurate representation of your look after surgery. Please keep in mind when surgeons reference breast implant sizes they use ccs rather than cup size as a measurement tool. Cup size may vary from bra company to bra company and therefore is not an accurate way to measure breast volume. I always tell my patients that I can get your cup size right and your look wrong and you will be unhappy. But if I get your look right and your cup size wrong you will be thrilled.

Scott Chapin, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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375 cc versus 400 cc? Crazy to Quibble Because the Difference is Just 6%

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I think that you have done your homework! You have spent a lot of time providing a narrow range of choices for your plastic surgeon. Now, step back and trust him. The difference between 375 and 400 cc is just 6%. Consider that you may have another 200 cc of natural tissue, so you are really debating between 575 and 600 cc, which is just a 4% difference.

At this point, I would recommend finding some photos of "ideal" breasts and handing them to your surgeon. Your doctor can use those as a reference during the surgery, and let him make the final choice.

Also, I generally err on the side of bigger. About 1 out of 10 patients returns to my office 1 year after surgery, and says, "Yes, you spent a lot of time with me. We invested a ton of effort into choosing the right size. And, I'm thrilled....But I wouldn't mind being a 1/2 cup-size bigger."

(I never hear the reverse: "I wish I were smaller." Doesn't happen!)

So, all else being equal, choose 400 cc.

Michael C. Pickart, MD
Ventura Plastic Surgeon

Correct Breast Implant choice depends on base of breasts

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The difference between the 2 implant sizes that you indicated is mainly one of width. There is minimal difference in projection. The choice of the correct implant largely depends on the width of the base of your breast, thus the 400cc implant will give you better cleavage, but may also project from the outer chest area more. The 400cc implant will also give more upper pole fullness. The moderate-plus implants usually would also give more upper pole fullness, and often will improve mild droopiness of the nipple.

Finally, once the implants are inserted, they will look slightly smaller because of compression than they look if they were inserted into your bra.

Remember, the biggest regret that patients have after their surgery is that they didn't go big enough.

Wilfred Brown, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Choosing the right breast implant

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Hi Mrs. Vo - From your photo and information, you may want to try a 350-375cc high profile implant. This will attain the projection you like without being as big as a 400cc size. The high profile imlants are great for projection, so talk with your plastic surgeon to see if this would be right for you. Good luck!

Breast implat sizing

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Breast implant sizing should, in my opinion, be a thoughtful and logical process during a formal consultation.  Patients should come to the consultation prepared to discuss theri aeshtetic goals - bust fullness, breast shape and figure balance.  Brining photos to wxamples you like an ddo not like is helpful.   After the pyscilal examination, the surgeon will be able to recommend implants that will satisfy the patients aeshtetic goals.  Many surgeons use implant sizing, 2D photography, 3D photography and/or gallery examples to help in this process.  At the end of the day 25c is a very minimal difference and I would suggest you use the implant that best fits your anatomy.

Fine-tuning breast implant size

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There is of course no perfect way to predict the size you will be happy with in the long run. When using samples in a bra, they tend to look larger and more projected than when they are implanted, so we usually "round up." Most important is the dimensuion of the implant in terms of diameter. The 25 cc difference is less than 2 tablespoons.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant size

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I use moderate plus implant for the vast majority of my breast augmentations. I find that this is good projection towards the apex of the breast and yet does not create excessive upper pole fullness. With respect to your question, I find that difference is a 25 cc are hardly noticeable once placed behind the breast tissue. I think he you will find that many surgeons have many opinions about which types of implants to use and in fact I think, it's really a matter of personal preference.

I would not perseverate over a difference of 25 cc, though with your description I think I think that a 375 cc moderate plus type of implant would give you good shape you're looking for. Make sure you have the appropriate size and shape sizers and where some of your normal clothing over these sizers once placed in the appropriate brassiere. Remember that the final outcome will likely be a little smaller than it appears when implants are placed over the chest wall and in a brassiere.

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