What Will My New Butt Feel Like?


If you are considering a Brazilian butt lift, you probably have a variety of questions. While I do try to answer most common questions in my blog, one we haven’t broached is what your butt will feel like after a Brazilian butt lift.
The best I can do is to tell you that your new butt will feel exactly like you.

With the Brazilian butt lift, we take fat from other areas of your body, in most cases from around the abdomen, and transfer it to your butt. This is why the procedure is commonly referred to as the butt lift via fat transfer.

Immediately after surgery, you will feel sore, much like the feeling you get after working out for the first time in months. However, when all of the swelling and bruising subsides and your recovery is complete, roughly six months post-op, your butt will feel just like it does pre-surgery.
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