My Life's Work


Cosmetic surgery is my vocation and my avocation – and that is the difference.

Every patient who walks through my door is special: they have personal motivations, personal goals, personal highs and lows – and I treat them as such, like individuals, like humans. This field features too many physicians who see procedures; I see people. This field is deeply personal to me. When I’m sitting across from you I don’t see a patient, I see someone whom I can help, and I do everything in my power to improve your life. Since the age of seven I have had one focus, to make people happy. I was born in Los Angeles but raised in Nicaragua. I came from a family of physicians, but it was my uncle, a plastic surgeon, who fascinated me most. He performed reconstructive surgery on everyone from war victims to disfigured children. I was hooked. I shadowed him, asked every question that popped into my mind. I can barely recall the details of our conversations, but I vividly recall one thing – happiness. I remember watching self-conscious patients beginning the surgical process. I remember their lack of confidence, their palpable insecurity; I remember how they carried their self-doubt everywhere with them. But then something happened. My uncle would speak to them, grow to empathize and understand them, and find a way to help them. And incredibly, those timid people began to shine. My uncle helped them find confidence, helped them overcome a hardship, helped them find happiness. The smiling faces of patients leaving his practice were burned into my memory. I have carried this disposition throughout my life. From medical school at Creighton, to my Harvard Fellowship, to opening the doors of my own practice, I have been focused on improving the lives of everyone I meet. I am honored that you have taken the time to read and to peruse this book.

I am honored that I have a wonderful family, and an extended family of patients whose lives I have improved. I am humbled daily by my son Giancarlo, he fuels my fire like nothing else in this world. I am honored to call the most beautiful woman in the world, Nina, my wife. She is truly my better half. I am honored that each person I have helped has also made me a better man today. This book encapsulates my vision, my personality, and my unequivocal dedication to my craft, my dedication to you. Thank you for taking the time to read, and if you have ever considered cosmetic surgery do not hesitate to stop by. I understand what you are going through, and I would love to sit down for a chat.


Constantino Mendieta
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