“MOM, I need help!” Hard working moms everywhere just can’t catch a break! At times, it may seem like you always ask yourself, “When do I get my time?”

Here’s how you pictured your life: married to your best friend, mother of beautiful well-behaved children, recently promoted at your well paid job, ample time to meet up with friends, and still enough free time to treat yourself.  Seem a bit too good to be true? Mother’s out there are lucky if they have five minutes to themselves during the younger years of their children’s lives.

But when is it time to have some YOU time? You owe it to yourself to feel mentally and physically good. You need to fill the “me” tank every now and again to ensure you can give your full attention to all of the daily demands whether that entails your kids, spouse, job or home.

So how do we fill this “me” tank? The answer depends on what your goals are. Many women struggle with dropping their baby weight fast. They experience stretched out skin, unwanted fat and sagging breasts due to post pregnancy. 

There is a great amount of pressure on today’s moms to look good immediately after pregnancy. At Des Moines Plastic Surgery, we encourage women to exercise and maintain a balanced diet before considering surgery. Ideally we would like you to be within twenty pounds of your goal weight before surgery and also want you to wait three to six months after you stop nursing before considering any kind of breast surgery.

“We typically see women when they are done having children. The most common procedures are tummy tuck, breast augmentation and/or breast lift and liposuction,” said Dr. David Robbins, a quadruple board certified plastic surgeon at Des Moines Plastic Surgery. “Patients love coming to us because if you aren’t a candidate for surgery or may not want the downtime, we offer non-surgical options as well.”

The non-surgical choices include laser treatments to remove brown spots, fine lines, facial veins and uneven tone and texture.  We also offer non-surgical fat reduction, such as CoolSculpting and skin tightening. We provide a unique skin analysis, free of charge, to educate you on your skin. Our injectables for facial lines and wrinkles restore the volume of the face, specifically the cheeks, laugh lines and lips.  

Moms, you are important to us and this is why we want to celebrate you. 

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West Des Moines Plastic Surgeon