What Is Microneedling?Microneeedling is designed to stimulate your skin's natural ability to produce new collagen formation creating healthier skin, and can be used to improve the appearance acne scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, skin texture as well as, fine lines and wrinkles. The repair process of your skin is accelerated by microneedling through the creation of microscopic channels, which also allow products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin resulting in better product outcomes.

How does microneedling work?The concept of micro-needling (and PRP, platelet-rich plasma) has been around many years and is based upon the skin's ability to naturally repair itself when injured. Immediately following an injury, our skin begins the process of dissolving tissue damage and replacing it with new cells.  The microneedles cause a controlled “injury” to the skin which stimulates the cellular cascade of skin remodeling and rejuvenation.    

Micro-needling allows for controlled stimulation of the skin's self-repair process by creating precise, micro-injuries in the skin, which automatically trigger new collagen synthesis without causing scar tissue formation. When combined with PRP, the micro-injuries also create channels that allow our own platelets and plasma to penetrate deeper into the skin resulting in better product efficacy.
The treatment is very comfortable for patients with little downtime.  The total healing time depends on the severity of the damaged skin and the depth of repair process required. On average, patients have some slight redness/pinkness (like a mild sunburn) for 2-4 days. 

There are several methods of performing microneedle treatments.  A tapping device called Aquagold uses a self-contained vial to dispense a customized solution with the tapping of the needles on the skin.  Aquagold has a new home use device as well.  A powered device such as Rejuvapen uses a piston-like action to power the micro needles into the skin.  Any solution placed on the skin prior to or immediately after treatment is enhanced as the microchannels are created.  Environ 14K roller is an example of an FDA approved home device.  The needles are arranged on a roller which the patient rolls over their skin and thus creating the microchannels.  Home use devices have shorter needles than medical-grade, but repeated use can achieve nice effects.  

What are the benefits?There are numerous benefits received through use of microneedling and PRP because new collagen production can reverse the effects of sun damage, tone down melanin producing cells, improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and hyper-pigmentation as well as enhance the overall appearance of aging skin reducing appearance of large pores, fine lines & wrinkles.

Who is a candidate?One of the most exciting things about microneedling (and PRP) is that it can be used on all types of skin and can be used to address a wide range of problems such as acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. We use Rejuvapen which has a variable needle depth that allows for versatility and therefore it can be used on many parts of the body, including the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.  For a more gentle treatment the Aquagold hand tapping system is excellent.  For at home, the Aquagold or Environ 14-K rollers are an excellent choice. 

When will patients see results?Since the natural repair process of your own skin continues to progress over the course of several weeks dermal collagen remodeling takes place over time it is not realistic to expect damage that has occurred over an extensive period of time to disappear immediately. You may not see the final result until up to 3-6 months following your final session since multiple treatments are recommended.  However, even with one treatment the skin can appear brighter, smoother and healthier.  

We also recommend developing a maintenance plan to help maintain the glow and rejuvenating effects of your personalized PRP and microneedling treatments.  At home devices such as the Aquagold or Environ 14-K device can be used alone or between office treatments to enhance effects. 

Typically, patients can resume their normal makeup and skin care regimen 2-3 days following their microneedling treatment. Make-up can be used immediately post treatment. Oxygenetix is safe to use.  As this may vary based on the area and type of treatment performed, make sure to consult your microneedling provider for their recommendation.

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New York Plastic Surgeon