Making Yourself Over For Your Next Career-Putting Your Best Face Forward


When we are little, we dream big. We dream of what we want to do when we grow up, who we will be, and where we will live. Then we grow up, find a job and sometimes find out that what we thought we wanted to be or do just isn’t cutting it. What do you do if you are seeking change in your professional life?

Changing careers takes focus, commitment and, most of all, courage. You will evolve inside and out and will likely find yourself stepping out of your familiar comfort zone. But, there are the steps you can take to prepare yourself for this transition: assessment tests to determine your talents and the jobs that fit them, doing research in your chosen industry, networking and creating a perfect resume. And then there are the changes you should make to put your best face forward (literally).

This is the perfect time to refresh and polish your image. So what is a 30-, 40- or 50-something to do?

A great place to start is by working with a professional who has experience helping people reinvent themselves. Hire an image consultant or personal shopper. Invest in a professional makeup lesson. A new, current hairstyle and a color refresh will give you that polished, professional look. Annette Loertscher, owner of ALL Transformations, adds, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…that's how many seconds it takes to make your initial impression on a potential employer. You had better make those seven seconds be your absolute best."

Your first step should be to brighten and tighten. You can’t paint on a canvas that has cracked and peeling paint, right? A good facial and peel is a great start to prime the face. Photo facials can address sun damage, and peels and glycolic acids can help with fine lines. And don’t forget your hands, which show age as much as our faces.

There are many non-surgical options that can help you look more refreshed including Botox and fillers for lines and hollowness. A good plastic surgeon should be able to recommend non-surgical interventions and the best treatments to address specific skin concerns.

“Adding more volume to the face is key for a more youthful look,” says Dr. Richard J. Brown, a Scottsdale plastic and reconstructive surgeon. "I prefer to take a more subtle approach, maybe by adding some fullness to the cheeks and around the lip area, without giving you that pouty look. When done right, it will look very natural.”

Loertscher states how important it is to call the HR department of the company you are interviewing with and find out their dress code and then to dress appropriately – wear a professional suit, sensible heels and suntan hose, carry a briefcase, not a purse, and, of course, turn your cell phone off, or better yet, leave it in your car during the interview to avoid the distraction. Most importantly...exude self-confidence.

Putting your best face forward will project confidence, a great attitude and professionalism.
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